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  • JMR03 - I've always had good teeth and haven't had any significant dental issues

    I've always had good teeth and haven't had any significant dental issues, but a lot of that was luck. My teeth are pretty close together and traditional floss gets stuck and the ribbon floss doesn't do much, so I ended up just not flossing that often. Cocofloss manages to get between my teeth and keep things nice and clean without shredding or getting stuck! My dental hygienist stopped in the middle of my first cleaning after starting to use cocofloss to ask me what I had been doing differently. She noticed less plaque build up and healthier gums!

  • R. Oksinenko - it is okay book.

    needed the book for a class. it is okay. the book did not arrive on time. I waited two weeks for the package.

  • Beau - Great resource for Step 1

    The book is basically broken down into organ systems and each section if is well organized. The information is condensed and definitely high yield. By second semester of the M2 year this is a great way to review what would otherwise be an overwhelming amount of information.

  • Justin James Saley - The most important book I have ever read!

    Being well versed in nutrition and health I wasn't expecting to learn much from this book. However, the 10 or so things that I learnt were so important that I was able to improve my digestive system and overall health so much that it was as if I de-aged 10 years in 2 months! I also lost 15 pounds and 2 1/2 inches off my waist during a period of great stress in my life and without having any exercise program. I can't stress how useful this book can be for anyone suffering from digestive issues.

  • alaska women valdez - Not real impressed.

    It arrived in a hugh box with the item packaged safely inside another box. I can make the same mixture with my nutri bullet so I probably will give this away or try and sell it in a yard sale. Wasn't real pleased at how much fruit you have to put through it and then cleaning it. Some fruit didn't get through the grinding process and stuck to the blade inside. With my nutri bullet there is no waste and it comes out as thick when using frozen fruit.

  • foxtrot - good product

    I bought this when the regular strength product was not in stock. Worked for me. My hair had more volume and I didn't seem to be losing as much.

  • RavenRose - I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are

    I just finished, and now I am anxiously awaiting the next book!! I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are, for instance our dear Maximus (Vampire) is not hindered by the sun and eats normal food. I think that with the characters in this book starting at in their community a young age it is a great base to build on. I read a review that doesn't like Jessa being carried so much and that she is emotional, but I find that to be part of the base character and I am interested to see how she grows into the big bad alpha she is destined to be. I see a parallel to Twilight in the way Jacob had a close connection to Bella and then imprinted on her baby, and Maximus's feelings for Jessa being so strong and then her twin falling into the mix. ;) ;) I am looking forward to where this story is going with the Dragon King and Romania. I assume the dreams Jessa is having of the other 2 dragons is the 2 ladies that were breaking the Marked out of Prison. Exciting!!! Of Course I didn't get enough of Braxton whom I am certain is Jessa's Mate!! I hope I hope I hope!! But we leave off with Jessa still having missed Breakfast and us starving for more! Can't wait for the next Book!!