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  • Clint - The new labels do not say 8-ply. Don't trust older reviews; the product has changed since some time around or after 2005!

    I purchased this hose on the basis of previous Gilmour Flexogen 8-ply hoses that I've owned. The older hoses easily get 5 stars; my parents have some from the 80s or 90s that are still in excellent shape and are pretty much impossible to kink unless you're actively trying. I bought myself one around 2005 that seems to be of the same quality as my parents', and I use it quite frequently. All of these older hoses had labels that prominently said "the only 8-ply." The label on the newer hose doesn't mention 8-ply anywhere, even though the product title does. The newer hose was obviously of a lower quality as well; there are plenty of other hoses out there that kink more easily, but this one was still pretty easy to kink, unlike the older ones I've used.

  • Andrew W. Snapp - Need to be developed further

    Did not work out of box. Manufacturers said it's defective. Waited 3 weeks for replacement kit. Now I'm told it will take another month. FAIL

  • Sugar Land - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    The product is as advertised. It was immediately used by a family member to quickly learn many of the Excel Basics.

  • Jo Walter - Lightweight but does not recline, breaks hard to put on

    Whilst very light you have to push hard to move the pram with a child in it. Also found that the breaks were hard to put on as the break pedals would get stuck. Wouldn't buy it again.