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  • The Simple Guy - Simply but good starter Slow Cooker for the FAM

    I've always wanted a slow cooker but haven't found that fits my budget until I searched amazon and chose this one based on the features. II really like this slow cooker because you can safely secure the top without making a mess in your kitchen. I found this one big enough for me and my family , I cook a lot and freeze the food so we can eat it in a later date. I tried this out cooking some roast beef and it was great! the seal seems to be doing its job keeping the moisture in. I was reading the other reviews about how the Slow Cooker can get really hot and its true but it hasn't bothered me yet, also it takes a while to cool down.

  • Drew Lattimore - Not 100% Argan Oil

    This is false advertisement because this product is not 100% argan oil. There are chemicals added to this product. Do not purchase if you are trying to go chemical free.

  • J. Berwick - Cheap TV

    I was excited about upgrading to 4K. But in order to get 4K TVs this cheap, they had to fill it with low-end parts. This TV has sub par picture quality. Specifically, the backlight is weak. Unless you are looking at bright images, everything looks dim. You can't see fine detail in any dark images, and messing with the contrast will only wash the picture. You're better off spending more on a mid tier TV. I returned this. I'm sticking with my excellent 1080p Sony until they release better low to mid tier 4K units.

  • Jim Kirker - and they work great. Shifting is very smooth

    I did a lot of research on this part. I bought 2 of then for solenoid A and B in my 2003 Ford Focus 16V auto trans, and they work great. Shifting is very smooth, and that hesitation going around corners and hitting the gas has disappeared. The auto trans was slipping out of 4th gear into neutral.