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  • Pete - Elements of Style

    Most people who took first year English in college will have used Strunk's Elements of Style. It is a good refresher on the basics of writing. While you may think you remember everything about writing, this book is handy to have when you just can't remember some of the basics.

  • Jan P. - cheap romance novella set in space

    In a nutshell, this is a cheap romance novel in a very basic (i.e. unimaginative) sci fi setting. If you enjoy the typical sci fi genre, then the amount of time spent on emotional feelings between two of the main characters will drive you nuts and have you flipping pages to get to where the story moves forward. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy a solid romance developing, but not only is there far too much of it, but the emotions expressed seem childish/teenage-ish. Finally, the descriptions of the space ship they explore is below rudimentary. Most of the "action" is against slugs that excrete some kind of toxin, or from the pesky pests that have evolve from the slugs. Oh, and some nasty nanites.That's pretty much it. I would imagine if you like the Harlequin type romance stories, this could work for you. Otherwise...pass.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect on the Go, On the Road, Bedtime, Anytime

    We bought this book for our three children ages 5, 7, and 8; our children enjoy the many stories to choose from. It is a must have for us when traveling to keep our children occupied while reinforcing their individual levels whether learning to read, reading, and or listening.