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    This product is absolutely the best! It has accurately predicted without fail when my girlfriend is ovulating. Now we know when she can and when she CAN'T get pregnant. What we both love about KNOWHEN is that the results are so fast! Brilliant product!

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    I understand the frustration of getting older and finding it tough to keep up with security. I had let that get a bit lax by not utilizing my Webroot the way I should have done - or, on my desktop, not at all. Sad result is several email accounts were hacked to the point that in attempting to recover, I eventually received the message that these accounts do not exist.

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    Wonderful product, It does however fall out of my ear but that's only because I have small ears. It charges well and connects fine with my phone and I can even connect it to my computer. Get this ear bud cause it's awesome also came a little early

  • Rick N. - Not cheap. Just inexpensive.

    I wanted to try this razor for the same reason so many others did. I was looking for a more reasonable alternative to the insanely overpriced products from the major brands here in the US. I first tried the 4 blade version of Dorco's razor that is sold from Dollar Shave Club and it was pretty good. It gave me just as good a shave as the Schick Hydro 3 I was using before that. It didn't come quite as close as using a good old fashioned DE safety razor but I don't always have the patience to go at the slower pace necessary to use it properly. So I decided to purchase this and give it a shot. I was expecting a shave on par with other cartridge razors I used before where it isn't quite as close as a DE and irritates the skin a bit too. I was amazed that this was the first cartridge razor I have ever used that actually shaved almost as good as my DE razor. I would still give the slight advantage to the safety razor when it comes to closeness but my skin was practically free of irritation and it shaved very quickly. But then again with 6 blades it better do the job in the first pass or two or else your skin will not be happy. I didn't really use the trimmer blade on the back of the cartridge so I can't comment on that but I have found them to be, for the most part, rather useless on other razors that have the same feature. Aside from the blades being very good the handle is quite comfortable to hold too. I found the one that came with the 4 blade package to be a little too curvy for me and it felt awkward in my hand. The 6 blade handle is more straight with much more subtle curves to make it a little more balanced. The handles and blades are all interchangeable though so use whatever combination works best for you. Listen, some guys just enjoy the task of shaving and see it as a rite of manhood. That's fine and I don't fault any guy who feels that way. For those men a safety razor or even a straight razor is the way to go. I don't particularly look forward to shaving and would like to get it over with as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will admit I do still use a badger brush and a good quality shave soap because the canned stuff does tend to irritate my skin and just feels too slimy to me sometimes. Mitchell's Wool Fat shave soap is my personal favorite and I rarely use anything else. But DE shaving requires patience I admittedly just do not have and the handful of times I tried a straight razor it looked like I got clawed in the face by a grizzly bear. If you share my sentiments on shaving then give this razor a try. If I have learned anything it is that shaving is a trial-and-error process. Every guy has different skin, whiskers, contours, expectations, etc. What works for me may work for you and it may not. I really like this razor. It worked very well on my relatively thick beard and somewhat sensitive skin. Try it and hopefully it will work for you too.

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    I got this for my step dad and he loves it. He goes to a lot of concerts and loves the convenience of having his phone and being able to hold his money and credit cards. I really like the design and we all know that Spigen is a top notch company in the world of cell phone cases. The phone fits perfect, it has three holders for credit cards and cash and a button snap to keep the phone closed. This case adds a lot of protection though not real leather it is high quality and will last. It isn't very bulky either. All in all this is a high quality case and a must have. I received this for free to review. I highly recommend this for anyone one trying to simplify their life by consolidating their phone and their wallet.

  • MaryAnn83Rancher - I had problems

    I have limited Internet, and was unable to download this program. Twice I called Microsoft before it was determined that I needed discs to install the program, which were sent. I then had trouble installing the discs and Microsoft was unable to help as I had limited Internet and they were unable to get into my computer from their end to get it to load. Eventually I did get the program loaded, but I had owned the program for over two weeks by then.