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  • stellabella - I'm happy with this holder

    I'm happy with this holder. I've previously bought the kind that are meant to be non-slip on a surface, but I'm often painting my nails on the couch and was interested in trying out this ring-holder style. The hold on the bottles feels secure, enough so that you could technically wear the holder on the same hand you are using to paint your nails with. I wish that were practical to do, because my least favorite part about this holder is having to switch it from hand to hand as I do my coats, but you can't really because if it's on your right hand, you'd have to use your left to dip the brush in the polish and then put the brush back into your right hand each time. So it's easier to switch back and forth. Make sure you squeeze the tabs to open up the finger holes so you can lift it off your fingers without disturbing your polish. When I don't feel like switching it from hand to hand, I find the ring holder part makes it easy to grip between my knees, which is actually becoming my preferred way of using this holder.

  • kyle - doesnt fit 12" subs

    this box is terrible i would not recommend it to anyone! when i went to put my 12" subs into the box the hole was only 9" in diameter i had to cut it out with a jigsaw to get my subs to fit. POS!

  • Varianti - Perfect fit!

    Stealer quoted me $133 just for the light. Installation is so easy. Remove two screws, disconnect the connector, connect to the new light and tighten the two screws. 3 min. Saved me $70.

  • Micha v A - The anti rebound bar actually enables you to get the seat in super tight so it doesnt budge an inch

    I cant believe how this seat actually fits in a Honda Element! The anti rebound bar actually enables you to get the seat in super tight so it doesnt budge an inch. You recline your car seat, put in the child seat and then put your car seat back upright and it hugs the rebound bar and gives it the tightest fit. I would recommend this to anyone even those with small cars It also fits center position on a Fiat 500L, but it is really high so if you intend to see well out the back window, center spot on a small car is not the ideal place. Also, i have no idea why people say this is hard to assmble!?! You'd have to be totally inept if you cant figure out how to attach a bar with two cotter pins. Its made so you cannot put the cotter pins in the wrong way and its super obvious how the cotter pins go in once you take a look at it. It even has instructions written so simply that a 5 year old could understand them. Its very simple to install, much easier than my Britax Boulevard Click Tight! Seems a lot safer too. However, this seat weights a ton because it has steel bars. I got this because of the rebound bar. I just couldnt understand why almost all child seats lift up slightly in the front because there is nothing holding them from rebounding. Then i saw some Youtube videos that shows what happens in a car crash when the seats rebound. Then i found out about the rear facing tether that prevents rebound. So i bought the Britax Boulevard for that reason. Then I found out about the anti -rebound bar on the Cleks and prefer it to the tether.