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  • Thedogsownme - defective out of box

    I bought this last spring intending to use it right away, but got delayed and only just started to use it. Well it leaks badly at one of the conectors where it joins the hose. Also the hose is very stiff and hard to straighen (and it's a much hotter than normal right now). It hasn't kinked on me yet: a plus. Too bad they didn't bother to test it before sending it to Amazon. If I was still in the return period I'd just send it back. I guess I could contact the manufacturer and see if they'd replace it but it's a hassle as the nearest post office is a long ways away from me and returning the hose end would cost as much as a repair part, so I'm here to find a repair kit for a brand new hose. If you intend to test it right away you can always return it but don't delay like I did. I will look for a different brand next time.

  • S. J. Kunin - Excellent product. I have very sensitive skin and allergies

    Excellent product. I have very sensitive skin and allergies. I was breaking out in itchy rashes prior to using this however since I started using this product, several years ago, no more itchy rashes from other products!!

  • jennifer67 - A Nutritional Classic

    As a retired physician, I'd like to congratulate the authors on doing an excellent job creating what will almost certainly become a nutritional classic for beautifully demystifying the concept of fasting for health. Kudos also to the publisher for producing a medical text that is unusually well designed and a pleasure to own and read.

  • AmazonAngel58 - It really works!

    These really do work for bladder pain! I was skeptical that an over-the-counter product would provide the relief I need but was pleasantly surprised.

  • BrittanyNelson - Very Good Quality

    My dad has been looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones for when he rides his motorcycle. I have looked and looked and for the price these seemed like my best bet. I got them in today and I couldn't believe how nice they were. They are super soft and easy to put in your ear. The charge time is only 1.5 hours, and then it lasts up to 7 hours?! Seriously these things are pretty cool. The set I bought my husband last a couple hours but they are no where near as long lasting as these, nor are they as nice. These also have a speaker button so while you are on the phone, you can put the person on speaker to hear them better, which I thought was just downright neat. I like the fact that these don't get all tangled up every time you move, and that they wont be ripped out of your ears. I would highly recommend these, the quality of these headphones are unbeatable.

  • K.B. - Not for me personally

    Everyone's beard is different, so don't give too much attention to what other people say about it working or not. For me, it didn't do what I was looking for. It gave my heard a healthy looking shine but that was all.

  • Mister Christer - Come to Mama

    Dispite what a few people seem to be saying this album ROCKS. I had trouble falling asleep after finishing the record because the tunes would not leave my head. From the opening and highlight track, Diamond Heart, to the beautiful stinging Angel Down, Joanne is Gaga's most complete effort yet. If you aren't already Mother Monster's biggest fan, this album will win you over and have you Come to Mama!