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  • J. S. Radford - Sorta works but not alone and NOT as advertised

    Two years ago I wasted $120 on the Slendertone belt and eventually gave it away to a thrift store. It did work somewhat but it gave me a really weird "1-pack" result if anything. That is, when I'd sit up using my new-found core strength, the center of my ab region bulged up over 1" into a single central vertical column about 6" long in a very dramatically unnatural way. It kind freaked me out and I gave the belt away after using for a couple of months (I was at 99 level).

  • C. Sprickman - I received an older version of this as part of ...

    I received an older version of this as part of a bundle. This was enough to get Nova Development (the company that creates this mess) my email address. For at least 5 years, they have been on a non-stop spam spree every time a major holiday comes around. Contact through their "unsubscribe" link and various email addresses did not help. Beware - if you buy this, you will be spammed to death.

  • brynne - This is by far my favorite tattoo care product

    I normally use aquaphore, went to a new place and this was given to me in my tattoo care gift bag as a sample product. This is by far my favorite tattoo care product. It absorbs into the skin very nicely, I have used a little too much once or twice and it does eventually soak in but it doesn't leave a sticky feeling or anything. I'm going back to the tattoo shop to buy more!