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  • Virginia Forgione Rohrborn - Don't waste your money

    Don't waste your money! It's cheap because it won't help you. Spend the extra money to buy course specific study guides.

  • Amazon Customer - Game Changer

    I almost feel like a hoarder of grooming products because I have so many in my house but really none have really excited me much. That is until this one. First my pets, I have a long haired Rag Doll cat, a Boxer and a Shih Tzu. The cat and Boxer shed but the Shih Tzu does not. The first one I tried it on was my boxer and boy did it get the hair out!! She didn't seem to mind at all and it seemed to really grab those loose hairs and clean up is an ease. Then I moved on to my cat.... WOW!!! I have never seen anything like it, huge amounts, huge!! It wasn't pulling or hurting but the blade just kinda grabbed hold of those loose hairs and out they came. I started to wonder if the blade was cutting the hair by any chance since so much was coming out so I tried it on my non shedding dog the Shih Tzu. Guess what?!?!? No hair!! I'm sold. I love it.

  • Nina - Loyal Printmaster Fan Suggesting 2012 Be Pulled From Sales

    I'm an echo here. I've used Printmaster for at least 18 years, and I have brought it for others as gifts. The 2012 version is terrible, and I am seeking a refund. I had no trouble installing it, but I noticed several issues right away. The first was I could not open two projects at the same time. Soon after I realized the print preview type function made it difficult for me to be certain on which page in a card text and graphics would appear after the card was printed. And what's this with limiting a user to three pages of text and/or graphics in a half letter sized card. I agree this may be the best composition choice, but shouldn't the user decide. When I discovered I was unable to cut and paste from or to another application or from the Internet, I was appalled I had wasted my money on this application. The final straw, however, was when I read in the highly critical reviews that I couldn't open and use any of hundreds of old projects. I hadn't had a need to attempt this yet, but that really would have made me mad. I wish I had read the reviews before buying the 2012 Printmaster software. I usually do my homework before making a purchase, but I really loved my old Printmaster and expected the new software to be just as good.

  • Ryan W. - Otterbox does it again!

    What can I say, these cases never disappoint and always protect... I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally dropped my phone. Never once has a phone broken while wearing an otterbox commuter

  • Penicillin - So far, so good...

    I wanted to wait a little bit before reviewing this stuff, but I figured - four rain storms later, it's only fair to say that this stuff works.