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  • Veronica - I love the variety this has

    This is incredibly worth it! I love the variety this has. I go to the gym 3x a week and on my "off" days I workout to YourShape and I love it. Makes me break a sweat. Best thing since sliced bread. I highly recommend it. My kids love it and so do I. It even shows you the calories burned for each workout and tracks your progress depending on your goal. On a side note you might want to have a set of dumbells as one of the workouts does call for dumbells.

  • Jeff Wulf - Honestly HATE it.

    INTENSE shoulder pain. I think if you're a larger person the purple part will "crush" under you and it will be comfortable (like it is on my hips.)

  • Alaska Guy - It works pretty well repurposing old pallet boards

    I bought this for woodworking in our small school. It works pretty well repurposing old pallet boards.

  • Bill F. - Stress killer.

    This stuff works great. I take it to relieve stress and as a sleep aid in combination with Valerian capsules.

  • John Eire - Decent, if not grindy, RPG experience

    This game has been advertised as a spiritual successor to Tri-ace's beloved Valkyrie Profile. In many ways, it is - the battle system and character based story are ripped straight from the VP franchise, and the 2D dungeon exploration is also very similar. The game differs from Valkyrie Profile in its setting and tone; whereas VP was heavily steeped in Norse mythology and offered a fantasy setting, Exist Archive is a pure sci-fi adventure taking place on on an alien planet. The caveat to Exist Archive's plot is that the playable cast are all natives of real world Tokyo, offering a parallel to Valkyrie Profile's real life and afterlife and linking the story much more closely to reality.