AeshaResources - We, Aesha Resources based in India, deal in chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals. We have three associated offices: 1) Gujarat, India; 2) Mumbai, India and 3) Shanghai, China.​ We work as indenting agent.Our associate is an indenting agent of HPCL (India) for all its produ...

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  • Edithreviewer - I have had a noticeable decrease in appetite and haven't been craving or wanting bad things that I would normally have

    So far I am really liking these supplements! I have had a noticeable decrease in appetite and haven't been craving or wanting bad things that I would normally have. I have been taking them for 2 weeks and so far have lost 3 pounds, for me that is really good! They don't make me feel any different at all, just not as hungry and not wanting to eat horrible foods all day. I really wasn't expecting much bc I didn't want to be let down but I am really happy with my results so far. I will be updating my results in about a month and I cant wait!

  • Jason Tanner - Good product but not for me.

    The antenna seems sturdily built. Easy to install. Uninstall can be a little tricky. The threaded part likes to get stuck. Had to use pliers to remove. I live an work on the outskirts of the city and a good distance from radio towers. So I experienced loss of radio signal and at times a complete drop of signal. This may work better for people who live closer/in the city. Overall decent product...

  • Amazon Customer - These guys are informative and real

    These are absolute amazing products, one stop shopping for men. I love them and there products. If you get a chance watch their videos very educational, I've learned so much. I was doing research and had put together a natural combination of testosterone building supplements but I had misses some very important ingredients. I'm so happy to have done my research and known when I found these guys that they knew way more than me, and I was on the right track. Thank you for the wonderful products...and saving me money. My concoction of products was running around 300 dollars a month, and I missed some important ingredients. Long winded sorry ,thanks guys !!

  • Sarah - Careful if you're sensitive -- SO allergic to this stuff.

    I have multiple sensitivities to fragrances and chemicals, so when I saw this shampoo I thought that since it was for babies, it'd be fine for me. However, I am SO allergic to this shampoo I can't imagine how anyone is using this on an infant. Even my boyfriend, who isn't allergic to anything like this used it once in a pinch and his eyes were burning. The smell is so strong it permeates my hair and pillows for days if I wash my hair before bed. If I just rinse my hair with water after a workout, the smell comes back and practically chokes me to death. My nose runs the entire day, I get a pounding headache, and I sneeze constantly when I use this. My entire apartment reeks of this stuff even if i just use a dime sized drop. Even writing this dramatic review (I know it's pretty dramatic) I remember what it smells, just awful. I was surprised because I use other Burts Bees products just fine, including their Ginger and Citrus body wash, which don't cause me any problems. I'm guessing that there must be some "approved" awful chemical in here that people haven't freaked out about yet, therefore they can get away with putting it in the shampoo/soap. There is nothing natural about how this smells or even it's texture, so I'm going back to making my own shampoo with Bronners soap or finding a new shampoo that won't give me a full blown asthma attack. Seriously! If you're using this on your baby, I'd seriously reconsider.

  • Prometheus - Rip off

    Always a hit every year at my house are these Lego Advent Calendars. I think many pieces are disappointing and the price is a rip off though as a parent