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City: -122.3558 California, United States

  • William J. Shryer - Hype

    This is truly amazing that such an old ingredient can still be marketed as something new. Folks, this is plain old benadryl used in just about every night time cold OTC imaginable. It's also the most common nasal decongestant in all of the OTC medications. If you want to save money ask your pharmacist for what is the cheapest diphenhydramine they sell.

  • amitch - Something is very wrong with this printer

    I had so many issues trying to get this thing to work it was ridiculous. I would install it, computer would recognize it, plug into POS hardware setup, print out trial receipt no problem. First few transactions I'd run through it, prints out receipt no problem. Then it starts to only print 3/4 of the receipt, then 1/2 of the receipt, then 1/4 of the receipt, then nothing at all. Uninstall and reinstall same issue. I went through this about 5 times before calling a tech guy out. My tech guy spent 2 HOURS trying to make it work. He kept running into the same problem as me. Eventually he just gave me one of his printers because clearly this thing is possessed. It also started smoking a few times. I believe one of the other reviews mentioned that theirs caught on fire? I didn't have it go that far, but what would happen is it the thermal printer would be printing, but the feed would not be feeding the paper so it would burn clean through the paper and start smoking. Definitely would recommend ponying up the extra $50 to get a decent receipt printer!

  • jesse daniel beisner - Love them!

    Amazing product I recommend if you do have these get them! I wanted something to cover my entire back carpet and this did the job