Alkaloid AD Skopje - Alkaloid AD Skopje is a company which is operating in the field of manufacturing drugs, cosmetic and chemical products and processing botanical raw materials.

  • Алкалоид АД Скопје - АЛКАЛОИД AД Скопје е компанија која работи на производство на лекови, преработка на билни суровини, производство на козметички и хемиски производи.

    Country:, Europe, MK

    City: 21.4314 Opstina Karpos, Macedonia

  • Michael Cleveland - Happy Recurring Customer

    This is my second intelliArmor for the Nvidia Shield Tablet (dang Nvidia recall). Anyways, like the last one I bought the set up and kit provided are phenomenal.

  • Prachi Sharma - Very good and results in smooth skin!

    PURE Shea Butter - 100% Natural, Organic Cold-Pressed Raw Unrefined Virgin Premium Grade - Product of Ghana - 8 oz

  • Amazon Customer - So far so good

    Purchased this charger with 8 of the Amazon Basics rechargable batteries for our son's InnoTab. We've had it about a month now, and have two sets of batteries for the unit. The charger does a good job of charging the batteries, and quick too! It is nice that it is smart enough to turn off after the charging cycle as to not overcharge the batteries. No problem whatsoever with the unit - love it!

  • Barbara - This is great stuff

    Heard about this product and saw it elsewhere at significantly higher prices. Be careful with the skin tones, however. I am fairly light skinned and bought it in a Medium at another store. It was too light. The Tan is good. I am buying the Dark (also from Amazon so I now have 3 tubes) to mix with my Medium so that I'm not wasting the product.

  • Dorothy - Helped my toe nall become normal following chemotherapy.

    Following chemotherapy, I developed a thick white-yellow nail on my big toe. I went to two different podiatrists and one suggested laser treatment and the other suggested removing the nail. Before doing these radical treatments, I decided to try some over the counter products and the one that has worked is kerasal. My nail returned to looking like a nail--I did not file it or do things that others on here have suggested. I just applied the kerasal to the nail in question and the nail next to it (just in case there was spread of some kind). I can't tell you the time framerwork before my nail looked normal---I am guessing that the whole nail had to grow in. But it does look normal and it is not thick and painful any longer. Nor does it require daily treatments of kerasal to stay this way. So I am quite pleased with m y experience with kerasal.

  • maja - Episode 1 of Season 7 trashes TWD. Now officially done with this series

    Was a huge fan of this series, so it takes a lot for me to say I am totally disgusted and that this is complete garbage. The onscreen graphic violence to the main characters went too far.