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  • bonnie j conlee - It was amazing

    This was a great book to read. It was very interesting. I read this in a day. It's a great book. The illustrations were really good. I like that book by Lily lexington. She did a great job😁😃🛅🚡

  • Amazon Customer - You can make the Chromebook a productivity laptop!

    I have owned this Samsung Chromebook for quite some time now. I won't repeat what everyone else had already said about it, only very quickly that I love it to the point that it is now my go to laptop even at home. But I do want to give you some ideas how to turn this into a legitimate productivity machine.

  • D. A. - Literally? No more fleas. Zero.

    I saved my two kittens, and they were so infested with fleas and even had tapeworms! I was actually a little paranoid because I kept thinking a tapeworm was going to enter my system by ingesting a flea somehow. But Prolab's Tapeworm Tabs worked wonders.

  • Yeschef - Not a MMO so why one 'account'?

    Personally, I don't really care about the DRM restrictions. I dont resell my games and I have one computer so the number of installs doesnt really bother me, but WHOOOPS.... now I discover I cant have multiple players on the same 'account'. So now my wife and I have to choose WHO will get to play Spore, not simply for an evening but EVER since multiple 'players' are not allowed.

  • Carol's keeper - Marriage Games

    Two people in a marriage, both hiding something, which leads one of them to make the decision to leave the marriage. Diana feeling there is something missing from their marriage, she feels like it's better to walk away, cause there is something Adam is hiding. Adam is so shocked over Diana leaving, he is so on love with her, he thought he kept hi Dom side hidden for all this time, cause he didn't think she would understand, yet it has left her feeling there are secrets??? This is heartbreaking, they both have so much love, beautiful story, but what will become of them bot??? So cannot wait for next book!!!

  • Aunt Kitten - Having issues this year. First time this has happened after at least eight years of Taxcut H&R Block use

    Purchased and installed downloaded product. First noticed the folder created in Program Files was named HR Block 2011. Very strange as this is obviously 2012 code. I am very experienced with using the product for the 1120S business return I do every year.

  • V. Holichork - Great product it you have an ashy toned hair and want shine.

    My sister has thick, ashy brown hair. When I purchased this for her, her hair took on a whole new light. It was shiny, and smooth. I would NOT recommend this product for those with fine or thin hair. I have fine thin hair and it made my hair look oily and gross. Love the smell and the feel of the product. The conditioner was my least favorite. It was very light , and I feel like in the shower I didn't feel a difference, but when my hair dried it was very limp.