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  • David Smith - Great EDC light!

    Exactly what I was looking for! Light has good positive switches, lasts a while given you're conservative with the brightness levels, and its great! the pouch it comes with could definitely be better.. but i'll either make one or buy a better one. Love this light

  • LHromika - Did anyone proofread this book?

    I counted the days until my book arrived. I have been practicing intermittent fasting with successful weight loss and much improved labs. I have recommended Dr. Fung's "The Obesity Code" numerous times and respect his writing and intellect highly. I have read this book for about an hour and I must ask...did anyone proofread this book? I have already seen four glaring mistakes. While this doesn't diminish the content, it is terribly disconcerting to me. This shouldn't have happened. Someone dropped the ball.

  • rkjj28 - good

    Great game that provides hours of fun at parties and get togethers and keeps children most of all entertained. Can be a good workout and makes you break a sweat.

  • Pandora - pretty good product

    I have used bosley products before and always end up coming back to them.. A littler goes a long way with both shampoo and conditioner. I feel the price is in line with other upscale hair products.and it arrives pretty quickly. I can't tell weather it actually increases hair thickness or just appears to. However my hair appears thicker when I use it and really feels "squeaky" clean. The only negative is that it is rather drying.

  • CTCraftBrew - lifesaver

    Probably literally a lifesaver. This book allows you to understand and manage your acid reflux without the dangerous and expensive drugs. Once I realized what was going on, I was able to adjust my diet and lifestyle so that I could actually sleep at night again.

  • Barny - this TV mount from Fortress mount is a perfect fit for you

    I needed another TV wall mount and all the ones I have currently has an adjustable arm that I can tilt and rotate and move the TV in practically all directions. I needed one that I have a specific spot for and I do not need it to move or rotate around so this works for my needs. If you need one that you do not need to move the TV around or one that you do not need access to the cable outlets frequently, this TV mount from Fortress mount is a perfect fit for you. Otherwise look at another TV mount. The Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount supports TV of 32-70" TVs up to 165 lbs and includes a 5-feet Braided HDMI Cable and a 6 Inch 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble for you to check that your installation is straight. I installed it into a wooden stub and it is stable. I have no complaints with this TV mount and it is what it is described. This is no other different than the ones sold online or in stores for a much higher price. Just get this than the ones in stores because of the price and it is of the same quality. I recommend this TV mount. It is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee. My TV I hang on is 42” and it works well.