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  • Blythe - I have used this with success on my 2 indoor/outdoor cats

    I have used this successfully on my 2 indoor/outdoor cats for 3 years. It works well as flea, tick, mite, and mosquito prevention. It has also killed anything that I've sprayed it on (ticks, fleas, mites, wasps, stinkbugs, etc.), and though they don't particularly like it, it hasn't given them any bad reactions or health problems that I'm aware of. I have found there is a definite learning curve in how to apply, how much to apply, and how often, I only spray them once a week in the warmer months and even less than that in the beginning and end of flea/tick season (we are in the northeast so that's about mid April-November). I also regularly spray then vacuum, and wash their bedding and living area (we only allow them in the back porch and kitchen area as they go outside).

  • Tori L Parten - Went together fairly easily and is reasonably solid

    Bought this because I was tired of the gym and wanted a basic squat rack. Went together fairly easily and is reasonably solid. So far I've had 225lbs on it with the rack in squat position. I don't have concerns about it failing but I worry that they could tip over if the weight is not lowered straight down. I am imagining an "urgent" lowering of weight leading to problems. Also, though the safety supports are effective (though short) they are a pain to adjust.

  • Addicted To Amazon - Glass Cover

    The Shield Intelliglass protector is okay. My biggest issue is that after following instructions i have one section of the glass that never settled. Luckily it was near the edge.