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  • avaleviton - Shoddy materials

    The vacuum is good, but after a month the handle broke off so I couldnt use the vacuum. I got another one and the handle broke off again. I would never purchase one again.

  • D. Klipper - reasonable pricing and easy download and install

    I needed to buy something, as I'd only in the past used the free trials of anti- stuff you can find online, so felt like I should spend some money to balance my karma. I like Norton, had used it in the past, this seemed like a good price and I only needed it on my one laptop, so now I have it for a year. Will most likely renew when the year is up.

  • D. R. Schryer - Stomach acid is indeed good for you but so is magnesium

    For decades I suffered from severe bouts of acid reflux and heartburn several times each week. Then I began taking a daily supplement of chelated magnesium for another seemingly-unrelated ailment. To my pleasant surprise the supplemental magnesium not only cured the ailment for which I was taking it, it also completely stopped my episodes of acid reflux and heartburn. I have since learned that acid reflux is often the result of stomach spasms which cause acid (which healthy stomachs need and are designed by nature to tolerate and utilize) to be ejected into the esophagus which is not designed to be exposed to stomach acid and burns when it is so exposed. Magnesium is a natural relaxant and, therefore, it helps prevent the stomach spasms which often are the root cause of acid reflux and accompanying heartburn. I am a research chemist, not a physician, so I cannot tell you to take chelated magnesium as I did. I can, however, report to you the beneficial effects which I experienced from daily supplementation with chelated magnesium.

  • A wandering reader - A great set for the money. Easy to setup and hookup to cable and wifi- very user friendly- see update as of 09-01-16

    SO far this set has delivered on every promise made in the advertising. I am still very happy with this set, although as you will note in my 6-27 update, Samsung's communication skills leave a lot to be desired.

  • Jim T. - Typical Craig Longmire mystery

    Craig has given us another mystery that keeps you reading from the start to the finish. I am a Longmire fan and of all the characters too. In every one of Craig Johnson's stories I am not only entertained but learn something too. I recommend this book and all the others also to anyone who likes western flavored mysteries.

  • David - N360 - Simply the Leader

    It's very lightweight and effective all-in-one solution, been my favourite since it appeared on the market.

  • Carl Peters - An excellent example of clarity, conciseness, yet comprehensiveness in a small book

    Very clear, concise - an excellent introduction to investing in the stock market. Mr. Kelly writes with no arrogance, and gives plenty of accounting of the volatility and dangers with investing without sounding like he knows it all and has the best strategies. There is no strong leading towards his self enrichment and promotion, as is so endemic with many investing books (esp trading). I have already bought a copy for a friend, and will also do for my teen children, so they can learn as I wished I had many years ago. Excellent book - I have subscribed to Mr. Kelly's Newsletter (very well written, to the point) and read his 3Sig book.