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    The 2010 update is not really an update, except in price. It freezes or doesn't respond when you do some basic things like downloading your bank account data. The insult on injury (before I even started it) was when they said you had to register it, you enter a form in the program, you then get redirected to a site to enter the information again, then you get a phone number to call... where some **** in a call-center is trying to get you to buy their crappy support. This is how they make you register their software.

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    Based on reviews I read, I expected to see a remarkable difference immediately. I was disappointed. I wash my face morning and night and exfoliate daily then apply the product. Four days in and nothing. Still having to use coconut oil to moisturize.

  • Tamara T - Beautiful case

    I love this case. It reminds me a lot of the otterbox symmetry series. It is 2 parts with a rubber inner piece and a harder plastic outer piece. It is light and sleek and the color is a perfect match. I have not dropped my phone yet so I don't know how it will hold up yet but I will let you know when I do!

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