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  • Shannon W. - Works great for finding my keys in a small-ish apartment!

    I got this Bluetooth tracker for a simple reason: I sometimes misplace my keys. Most of the time I put them on the key-hanger next to my front door but sometimes, every so often, I'll misplace them around my apartment. Tired of digging through things trying to find them, this sounded like a good solution.

  • J. Filak - One Fabulous Pot!

    As someone who loves to cook I can't believe I waited this long to experience how wonderful these Le Creuset pots are. I promptly made a delicious chili in mine when it arrived and not only did it cook great, it was lovely to serve from. Although these pots are expensive, they are worth it--a lifetime investment.

  • TC Moreland - Awakening (Telindell Book 1)

    This book is well written and fast paced and not a dull moment. The characters of the story come together wonderfully. I'm looking forward to the next book.

  • grannykiddo - love having many games so quickly never a dull moment

    Though some of the games have rather rough graphics I'm not really fond of ghoulish pix or silly aliens (I think I out grew them when I turned 70) yes even grannies play games so much I have had to buy coins a time or two but the prices are so much more reasonable in this game they last and last. FREE coins and decent payout make this a game you can play and play without bothering friends . I am hooked on the Billionaire!

  • N. Ferguson R. - a lot to love, a lot to learn-- amazing possibilities for digital artists

    What's new with Painter in the 2015 release? One major thing and some more minor tweaks. The major innovation is what Corel calls "physics-inspired Particle Brushes". These can be used both with the clone painting format that Painter has been advancing in the last few releases, as well as to create original work. Essentially these particle brushes allow for increasingly wild brush stroke variations--these new options described as "springing, flowing, glowing, and gravitating onto the canvas". Painter continues to offer an overwhelming selection of realistic-looking "Natural Media" brushes. The variety and number of natural medium brushes and new particle brushes give this program a significant edge over other digital painting software. A new brush tracking utility also controls pressure sensitive memory for each brush. Users of previous versions will appreciate the upgrades.

  • Bellemaine - Serves the Purpose

    I already own the queen-sized earthing half-sheet and have gotten benefits from sleeping on it. In order to get earthing for the considerable time I spend at my desktop computer, I bought the mat. With its cover on, the mat is a perfectly functional - if rather large - mouse pad for my Microsoft optical mouse. The mat can also be a back-up to sleep on for the time the sheet is in the wash.