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  • Chuck - Installed in a 2009 Mac Pro. Like having a new computer!

    I installed this in my 2009 Mac Pro tower. Holy crap– what a difference! Normally, when booting the computer from completely off, it would take it a couple of minutes to get to the desktop screen, and then several more minutes before it ran 'normal'... after all the Adobe and font programs finished whatever they were doing in the background.

  • Mich - " Just like that, huh

    ZERO stars for Hoover Customer Service, and 2 stars for the vacuum itself. They will do ANYTHING to not have to replace the vacuum. I received the complete runaround TWICE. We only had it for 4 months until it completely stopped working. I called Hoover, the Rep had me test the battery and charger over the phone. We discovered that it wasn't the battery or the charger. She then placed me on hold for 10 minutes, came back and said "So, it's the battery, and we are going to send you a new battery." Just like that, huh? Clearly her Supervisor advised her to insist it was the battery, (knowing that it wasn't) and to NOT offer a vacuum replacement.

  • Nicole P - If you have a cat who pees or a multi-cat household, these are not optional!

    These are a must have in multi cat households. I have 7 cats. I've used Feliway for years. None of my cats pee outside the litter box. One or more of them used to pee on shoes and bags to claim as theirs. I used to have some serious cat on cat fighting. I've been using Feliway diffusers for years, and none of them pee. The cat on cat aggression and passive aggressive behavior has greatly minimized. Due to the cost of these, I usually only have one diffuser going. I should have more than one going at a time.

  • Paul P. Miller - Good Value

    The American Casino Guide books have always been a good value and this year's is no exception. It not only has wonderful tips for playing various games in the casinos, but also offers excellent coupons for many casino properties all over the country. Just a couple of coupons will actually recoup what you pay for this book. My wife and I have used these books for years with splendid results. Amazon also offers the best pricing for this item.

  • James Corcino - It's smaller than the dimensions state, and the pockets ...

    It's smaller than the dimensions state, and the pockets are pulled so tight that it's hard to put anything in them when the inside is full. All in all, not very roomy!