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  • The Suburban Eclectic - So Far So Good

    I haven't had an issue with leaks, and so far this flosser has worked well for me. However, I don't find it that quiet, but as this is the first water flosser I've used. I wish the storage receptacle on the side were a little deeper as the top doesn't close when the tips are‚Äč stored upright.

  • DARREN C - The best supplements in the world!

    I've been taking USANA vitamins for years and I trust the company immensely. Not only do they make their supplements in house using A grade ingredients but they test and test and test their products for potency and absorption. I've never felt better.

  • James M. Cook - It dechlorinates bleach!

    I use Seachem Prime to refresh my bags of Seachem Purigen. it works extremely well and was advised in the Purigen instructions to use this after soaking the packets in bleach for 24 hours. Prime does the trick. I haven't tried conditioning tap water as I use an RO/DI system for my fresh water needs in my reef tank, but if it can take straight bleach, water shouldn't be an issue at all. Works like a charm.

  • Ron1247 - Good value if your buy this product

    The only way to renew this product. If your going to use this product this is the only way to buy. I've been happy as I've made it another yr. without problems, could have been luck. The main thing I don;t like about McAfee is the price they try to charge to renew, make sure to turn off the auto renew. I don't expect much product support from anyone so good luck there.

  • John Benadum John B - No AM reception and poor FM

    Well, I read the reviews and yep, it is almost useless as a functioning antenna. I may be able to get 3 local FM stations to work efficiently? It does look good though on my 2014 RAM Truck and goes through the car wash with no problem. So I guess that I am stuck with the SiriusXM fee (can be negotiable as well) after the 1 year trial period ends. My biggest gripe is the cost. Having owned and operated a machining job shop for 23 years, I can tell you that this is not a $25.00 item. Even produced in small quantities, I would price this out at around $5.00. Add in profit for everyone else involved and some money for packaging and shipping and you have a $10.00/$12.00 best guess.

  • Moeneek - Well Damn!!!

    Key played no games when it came to Wale and vise versa. I'm happy to see that Taz finally got some closure from that horrible incident. This was very good read and as usual Ms. Jackson did not disappoint.

  • Kat Me - I Love It!

    This is a very great work out Bike. As we were making adjustments to the Bike for my size I would be using the Bike for a while to see where it was comfortable for me to use it. By the time we got it adjusted just right I did a little more on the Bike and I could already feel its usage in the muscles of my body. Since we were making adjustments we weren't timing exactly how long I was actually using the Bike. But I'm sure it wasn't that long of a time and I felt like I had already gotten a work out!