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  • Faith - Great concept....flizzled out quickly

    I purchased this book to read on vacation after reading these great was a dud to me. It took me 4 days to get through (which is especially long for me) but it really fizzles out around the 3rd or 4th chapter. The book had a lot of issues. It does start off exciting. The only reason I even continued to read the whole book was because I was very curious about what had actually happened to the baby.

  • Leslielaughs - Helped me when my diet stopped working

    I have to admit I did well without it for a while, but then the pounds stopped coming off. I cut out most of my carbs and lost 18lbs in the first month and 15lbs in the second. Then I hit a plateau and wasn't losing any more. I tried this slim quick and in the first week dropped 5 lbs. I usually try to stay away from diet pills, but this one didn't make me jittery or dry out my throat as others have done in the past.

  • Outdoors is where to be - mixed feelings about this one

    This is a product that I have been dreading to write a review on. I could either write a long review about this product or I can make it short and sweet, I choose somewhat short. I read the reviews about this zippo hand warmer before buying it, and lets just say all the reviews had correct feedback about this hand warmer (meaning the good and the bad). When I first got this product I thought to myself that half of the people who reviewed this product in a frustrating negative way where wrong, I thought they weren't lighting it right, or filling it right and they simply lost their patience with it. When I first got it it worked great then after maybe 8 uses I started having a little difficulty light this hand warmer up. Sometimes you have to toy around with it for it to work and sometimes not. I definitely would not count on this if your hunting, I would bring back up hand warmers along with it. Sometimes this hand warmer will last about 6 hours sometimes 12 or even 24 hours. So if you can overlook some of the complications of this product because you like zippo like I do then you'll be fine. The price is reasonable (around $12 bucks with free shipping). I really like the way this hand warmer looks and I like the feel it has. Would I buy this product again? Ya, but it wouldn't be on my number one list. Okay ill stop here ;-)

  • Nini - Love this seasoning!

    I LOVE this seasoning! I use it in all my Mexican style dishes. So convenient to have all the spices together instead of individual jars! I wish the nutrition information was in larger type. I did have to go and check the McCormick site for the sodium content which was a lot lower than I expected.

  • jasigirl - Helps my senior cat.

    My 15 year old cat was disgnosed with hyperhyroidism. I bought this as an alternative to what the vet recommended which was $40.00 a month for pills and $250.00 every 6 weeks for bloodwork. I do not ever want them to take blood out of an artery in her neck again so I bought pet wellbeing for thyroid problems. My cat vomits considerably less than before and her diarrhea isn't as watery as before. It also lasts a long time.

  • Angela Barney - 6 Practice Tests and much, much, more!

    This book was a BIG help in learning how to master the GRE! It not only included 6 practice tests but many quizzes on quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing sections, all online which allows for you to get a feel of what the real format of the GRE will be like. The practice tests are timed and formatted just like the real test and allows you to become familiar with the time constraint and learn to better organize and prepare for sections. The DVD included is also helpful in that it provides information on what to expect on the test day, ways to manage stress, and study tips. I honestly would recommend this to anyone who needs to become familiar with the GRE format, needs tips and strategies to gain the highest score possible, and whose looking for informative and helpful study material on terms, math problems, and analytical writing.

  • Amazon Customer - I used this several years ago in combination with other ...

    I used this several years ago in combination with other herbs/products and it did eliminate the yeast overgrowth (confirmed) back then. Have had 2 subsequent tests with no trace of yeast albicans overgrowth. Now I'm still batteling bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), but that treatment protocol is a little different.