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  • tartantyger - A good supplemental set of wrenches - appropriate for beginners, too

    I already have a rather complete set of both SAE and metric combination wrenches, but there are times that, because of limited clearance issues, combination wrenches on both sides of a connection are necessary. This set includes most of the commonly-used sizes, and, if a beginner is starting a set, most of what he'll need until he's ready to take on the "big jobs", larger or smaller sizes can be added individually as the need arises. I don't know how long-lived the finish will be, but the wrenches appear sufficiently substantial and accurately-sized for all but the most demanding applications. It's no less than a good set to start with, and a welcome addition to my toolbox.

  • Jason - Solar Panel

    Absolutely one of my favorite purchases of 2012. I have been able to charge pretty much everything that uses a battery with this thing, including my Eee PC netbook. I take it on all my camping/hiking/hunting trips.

  • R. Hermann - Cute

    My two boys love getting this every year, trying to make it a little tradition instead of candy, and they love them. I gave it four stars though because every year the price goes up and up. My kids (9 and 6) love trying to guess which item they will get every morning.

  • wasabi woman - A very helpful way to get organized!

    This learning system is an excellent method to organize and learn pharmacology. The memorization is on your own, of course, but the time one saves as far as organization keeps you ahead of the game!

  • Amazon Customer - Good product so far!

    Currently using this with Brazilian butt lift pills. Just a few weeks now, twice a day. To simply put it, my booty is hittin heavy! Lol which is a good thing if you're not familiar with the term "heavy" in regards to booty lol

  • Beata - Does what it's supposed to

    We have addition to the house that gets very humid and damp. When I put that little bucket in there it makes a difference right away. It lasted about 6 months, I threw it away and didn't put a new one right away, I could feel and smell that dump and moldy staff again. Stores in my neighborhood don't carry those big buckets so I ordered from amazon again and chose the fastest shipping available cause I could not stand that moldy smell. It's cheaper than dehumidifier and does a well job at removing excessive moisture from the air. I would recommend it to anyone who has a humidity problem in the house.

  • Joanne - MIRACLE CREAM!!! 20 Star rating!!

    I am 43 years old and have 3 kids. The cellulite in my thighs was SOOO BAD that I haven't worn shorts in about 10 years, only capris, regardless of how hot it was!