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  • Hieu - Awesome

    The bike was easy to assemble, came with tools that were very helpful. After it was assembled, I took it out for a spin and the bike was Fast!!! thought i was going to fall off :)


    DO NOT BUY THIS! I can't understand why this ink is such poor quality. I have an HP LaserJet 1020- a very basic printer, nothing fancy- but when I changed my HP ink cartridge with this one-- I now get horrible quality copies. The ink smears easily and doesn't dispense onto the paper in an even manner! I have printed about 50 sheets with it and all but a couple sheets have had issues. Do not waste your money! Do not take a chance. It is not worth the hassle of returning, leaving bad reviews, etc. Just buy a higher quality product in the first place. I am so sorry I didn't do the same.

  • Kona Mike - Great Reference Book

    Recently have started to develop modest databases for a couple of my clients. Since the changes to program navigation [ribbons] I find this book to be a great help. Yeah, I know I'm a little old school but most the time I can find what I'm looking for almost as fast I can Google it. And I don't have to leave the program. It sits right next to the same outfit's Excel manual.

  • Kibbles - It never does anything right!

    I tried to file my nails and I ended up putting a corkscrew through my hand. I put it in my pocket and it circumcised me. I tried to open a can of beans and it chiseled through the can. I tried tweezing my stubble and it clamped on my tongue. I use the allen wrench and it cheats on my wife! I hammer a nail and it marries my cat! It refuses to do anything it's supposed to.

  • pete - A mixed bag

    I find it sad that the primary theme of this book is how to AVOID huge ships, when what huge ships want the most is to be understood.

  • Christine S - HORRIBLE, AWFUL, and even MORE HORRIBLE. Laughable if I had not wasted my money.

    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. Why in the world would a company that claims to understand NCLEX publish a book with incorrect answers? If you flip to the first page or two of test questions, you'll see the question regarding a patient with a history of convulsions stating he hears drums. Yeah, that means- he is awake, and able to respond to you. DUH. WHY would I insert an airway into a conscious patient??? Also, on KAPLAN'S own web page, they have these garbage downloads of sample questions. Talk about LAZY. The questions and answers are presented as one document, but honestly, they are from two completely different sets- that is to say, if you had forms A and B and each form had answer sheets A and B to match, these idiots put questions A with answers for form B. BRAINS.. USE THEM. Save your money and buy Mosby. I am HIGHLY disappointed. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!

  • Gloria Bell - Where can I get a total trolley?

    I bought a total trolley years ago and love it. It does what I want it to do when I need it to do it. I give it 5 stars. There is nothing on the market like it. My son recently bought a home and used my total trolley and he wants one, but we cannot find them anywhere. How can he order a total trolley so he will have his own and I can get mine back?