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  • Jerry L. Wescott - Very happy

    I was very satisfied the product and the speed I received it I would do business with them again, I was very satisfied

  • subas - Good stuff ..

    4 stars only cause not a full read yet but 5 so far . Easy to read and you get the message .

  • heywood snipes - 0 is by far the best one, to date

    I have used, tried many different antimalware software's trying to find the one that really does the job for me. Stopzilla Antimalware 6.0 is by far the best one, to date, I have ever had on my PC. A dell inspiron 17r 5737 running windows 8.1 with 12 gig of memory and Core i7 processor and no problems whatsoever!!! My main antivirus program is Avast Internet Security, which is also an awesome program, and there are no conflicts whatsoever between the two programs. Stopzilla does an excellent job blocking and finding hidden spyware/malware/adware hiding deep inside the pc and, I am now a completely sold on it. A satisfied customer indeed.

  • Phelm - I've always have good reviews for Amazon

    Well.... I've always have good reviews for Amazon, but for the Poof-slinky crystal radio kit, I have to say I was sadly disappointed. when I opened the box it appeared that everything was crushed. the cardboard tube for the coil was un-usable. the plastic frame did not line up correctly and the whole thing was crooked. Imagine the shock the little boy got. Hoping to make his first crystal radio only to be traumatize by this low quality, badly make and impossible to assemble kit. Now he may never want to go into electrical engineering....

  • anne s. - A disappointment

    My husband has given me the BASS and Best American Mystery Stories every year for Christmas, for at least the last 20 years. Usually, I love them. This year, I have been trudging through the book, and I am about two/thirds of the way through. I have to say this is my least favorite of the Best American series, due largely to the disturbing, often perverse characters that populate these stories. Some of them are nightmare material. Other times the stories are wandering, boring, navel-gazing, and nothing I would want to remember after they are done. Usually, this series includes stories that are little jewels, that I go back and re-read over the ensuing years. I have yet to find a story in this collection that would fit that definition. Maybe I will find one in the last one third of this book. In short, a great disappointment.

  • Lorena Benavidez - I bought to remove calcium from my toilet bowl.

    I bought to remove calcium from my toilet bowl. Followed directions but didn't make a dent maybe it was operator error but this stuff didn't work for me