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  • Daniel C. - Love the look, but a bit tight on the fit.

    Its a bit tight when fitting the grill. Also, if you have a winch and upgraded stell bumper, you have to take those out to fit the grill.. just an FYI. My friend bought the grill too and he said there was extra plastic molding and he had to file them off. 6/10 quality.

  • Ric Meyer - Not so good...

    I finally got the two bars nstalled on my Terrain, but not without fiddling and mods. The plastic ends that mate to the Terrain's rails are too flimsy, particularly the locking flaps. Also one of the spings popped off during install, then I discoverd the adjustment screws, which were not mentioned in the instructions. When I finally got them installed, I drilled and tapped each locking flap and installed 10-24 screws to make sure the flimsy flaps wouldn't come up, say in a car wash.....I can't recommend this product. ps..the plastic Terrain rails aren't so hot either!

  • missaitch - The top is a hand breaker/won't buy again

    The actual product works fine but the packaging is a nightmare. I tried to open the dang thing a dozen times over the course of an afternoon, and I could not get the top off, and hurt my hands quite a bit in the process.

  • John - This is an amazing healthy snack

    Recently began a Low Carb, High Protein diet. This is an amazing healthy snack. I am very satisfied with the product, and will order again. Already shared 1/2 the bag with a friend who is diabetic and uses jerky as a snack food as well.

  • Annette T. Yach - I tried it and liked it but find the Spray & Play Harder even Better

    In my book this brand is slightly expensive but I do find it works the best at holding a style for my hair which is fine and straight and I have a lot of it. I only buy the Spray & Play Harder no though since it seems to have more holding power. I can usually go two days without having to shampoo it out but that's about it.

  • Julian & Desiree - Surprinsgly good!

    These actually taste really good, almost like kool-aid! I'm not sure if it's helped my milk production yet, as i've been on it less than a week. But, it sure doesn't hurt.