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  • Rjthomp - Not enough 23's!!!!!

    According to my research, the number 23 is by far the most random number. Hence any TRUE list of random numbers would include a LOT more 23's (in fact it might well consist of just the number 23, over and over and over). I'm therefore giving this five stars, randomly, because 2+3=5.

  • Amanda K. - Timbuk2 xs

    I have been researching this bag for weeks and finally bit the bullet and ordered it.....I do not regret my choice one bit. As with many reviews I do wish it had a grab strap on top but I can't beat the price.....

  • Chris - 1 Star

    Its suppose to be a sealed box but it has air leaks everywhere, sounds terrible. The box terminals are hard to get the connection and poorly screwed to the box. Fits well under the seats but the sound is bad.

  • Dennis Comeau - Fights Tonsil Stones

    This is the only product we've found that's effective at fighting tonsil stones. It both reduces their occurrence and helps to remove existing ones. It doesn't prevent them completely but it's definitely a huge help. Gargle it every night. I also add about 10 drops of concentrated grape seed oil to each bottle of this product, and I find that increases the effectiveness even more.

  • bubba - missing parts

    Purchased skyjacker 7201 steering stabilizers from included 2 red poly boots.When it arrived on the box it said boots included.They were not in the box.I will have to buy them because Amazon did not deliver them.I have to buy them twice.Shame on you Amazon

  • Amazon Customer - nutrient logic not alternative medicine

    I have always wondered which vitamins were 'good' and which were bogus. Knowing that price isn't always the determinant in choosing vitamins is in and of itself worth the price of this book.