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  • Matt Svoboda - Perfect solution

    I consider myself lucky I found this. I was frustrated that my U28D590D didn't have holes for the VESA mount for my new standing desk, and I didn't want to spend hundreds more on the newer version of my monitor; I was pretty close to just drilling holes in it myself, when I did a search on Amazon for "U28D590D mount" and this solution popped right up. It works perfectly. In fact, since the bracket is made of metal, it's much less wobbly than the plastic mount which Samsung provides with the monitor itself! Installation was quick and easy, and I'm using it right now.

  • Sharon Ricciardi - Best protein powder I've tried

    Best protein powder I've tried. It tastes good and blends well. One shake for breakfast and I'm full for hours! Only downside is that it comes in a huge container and it's only filled a little over half way. For the cost I'd hope to get a little more product.

  • Randori - This is how the car should have come!

    This intake is excellent. The materials and quality is perfect. I purchased this intake because it had a 3" inlet pipe and that was going to help me achieve my eventual tuning goals. I chose the Roush intake over the COBB because it looks very much in place in the engine compartment. It has a subtle but bold look. I much prefer the open element filter and the custom airbox cover to a loose filter option. The most significant feature of the Roush intake is that the turbo spooling and recirculation valve sound is perfectly clear. The feedback from the noises through the intake is definitely welcome on a car as fun to drive as the ST. The nature of the Focus ST prevents significant peak horsepower gains without custom programming, but this intake definitely lets the power come on earlier. I am very satisfied with the part itself, the extremely high quality look in the engine bay, and how the car drives with it on.