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    I think this is a really nice pet carrier. It is so light weight and packs up really well by the top and bottom zipping together with the walls of the carrier folding up and being placed inside in between the top and bottom. I had a little trouble the first time I went to zip it together and not catching the zipper tab in the right place and it pulled apart. But I figured it out. It did not come with any instructions. That would have helped.

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    Chair is fairly height since I am tall and have MS it works, have used it with the resistance bands and works fine.

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    I wasn't too pleased with the results of the facial peeling product. My skin is very sensitive so maybe this is why it irritated my skin but I will never be purchasing or using this product again. Also I want to say I used this product twice and the bottle is already empty which made me realize that it was never full to begin with. Not a happy customer.