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  • Tom Schwab - Get back your lifestyle & livlihood

    The I WALK FREE Hands Free Crutch is a godsend allow you to go on stairs, uneven surfaces, even in the shower. It took a few days to get accustomed to it during which time I used a cane. After that I had gained the confidence to use it everywhere. ONE MAJOR THING TO BE AWARE: THE ALUMINUM BEAM MAY NEED TO BE CUT. This requires power tools. Not easy on one foot. There are some distributors that cut them to size and even rent them. Goodbye Crutches, hello I WALK FREE

  • Cynthia L. - Good, simple easy to use program

    I first read about this book in the Costco Connection where they had all the success stories. After that I went to Jorge's web site and extensively read all the articles he has posted in his blog and also watched many of the videos with other health professionals and doctors. The plan is very simple and thats what makes it easy to follow. It is low sugar and lower carb but not truly "low carb". It is a way of living that you can stick with and can drastically change your health. I don't have alot of weight to lose but I have alot of belly fat that has accumulated on me thus my interest in trying this program. In twelve days I have lost an inch off my waist. I agree with others that you can substitue items. You don't have to follow his recipes but they are full of fantastic ideas. I, like some others just choose to read labels and eat what I like to eat but I love the idea of taking a potentially bad meal and making it much healthier which he shows over and over. You can make the plan work for you whether you follow his recipes or come up with your own. There are plenty of foods in regular grocery stores that will work you if you just take a little upfront time and read a few labels.

  • Richard Talman - USB Cables seem OK but both power supplies cycle off ...

    USB Cables seem OK but both power supplies cycle off and on continously on my iPhone 5c. I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Cathy - best AJ out there

    My son said..MOM you finally got the right one! Ha. It is available in the subscribe and save. Now that I found the "RIGHT ONE" I have it set to deliver monthly!