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  • Elaine E. LaMarre - Just like I remembered.

    I got this because I remember how much I enjoyed the vinyl edition when it came out in 1970. This remasterd edition was just as enjoyable as that and more. Weber did a great job on the remastering and his new liner notes about the remastering process were very interesting.

  • jimstamm - The best thing about Quicken 2014 is that is was released on schedule

    Quicken 2014 did not hurt me, whew! I say that because Quicken 2013 was a nightmare, and yet it was a relief from 2012 which completely messed up my favorite feature, the budget. I update Quicken every year as I have since the early 1990's. I've long since given up looking for new features. Now what I look for is a product that brings back the ones I used to like, makes them quicken and merges with mint as a single product. I use Quicken for all of my accounts as I do mint. Each brings something to the table. Don't waste your time on the quicken mobile version. Use mint for that. I'm afraid to even try it this year. After synching, it really messed up data in 2013.

  • C. Ortiz - Good House

    Good House for the price. Easy Construction except for the plastic door. The hinges that hold the plastic do not stay on tight and come off easily. The house blocks the dogs from bad weather which is why I like it. I recommend putting a block of wood under the house because it is close to the ground and water can possibly get in.

  • Dr. K - I love Boots No7

    I'm a big fan of the entire Boots product line. I like to use the beauty serum in combination with moisturizer after washing my face in the morning. One bottle lasts a long time (around three months for me with daily use). There is no scent and it goes on smooth without feeling greasy. I don't know that it really improves the youthfulness of my skin but it feels great to apply and wear, plus I think it helps my makeup to last a little bit longer.

  • A. Clark - Absolutely Gorgeous Graphics

    The game is gorgeous. The graphics are amazing. If you're a history or weapons buff, this game really caters to you. You can fight with Lawrence of Arabia in Syria, Suez, Argonne Forest, Italian Alps or even at Gallipoli. They have packed about every pistol, rifle, shotgun and machinegun from the WWI era into the game. Melee weapons galore.

  • Corkybea - No Results

    These are not working to remove the mildew odor in my front-loading washing machine. I've been using intensely, one hot wash three times in a row every other week but still the foul odor remains. The machine is eleven years old. The repairman (for the broken door latch) said that the scent is a result of using too much detergent. The lowest line on the lid of the detergent bottle is too much according to him and only one tablespoon should be used no matter what size load.

  • Jeffrey T. Sockwell - Navy airwinger

    This guy is so dead when he gets to the birdfarm (IF he gets there at all). Way to annoy an entire community, and a close-knit one at that. Enjoy your new job as wardroom coffee b*tch.