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  • zachary - 92 dodge shadow rebuild .

    i just used this on 92 dodge shadow i am restoring , dam s*** worked good . first time owning a car n rebuilding at the same time . :) . thank you turltle wax . was honestly scared being new to having a car , rebuilding it . but this did amazing job , the car had a lot of dirt all over it n inside n out thanks to turtle wax n that the car look fresh off the line :)

  • Phil Ott - I love Avast antivirus

    I used this rating because Avast is the best antivirus I have ever had,there are so many good things to say about it,it isn't expensive for one thing,it works in the backgriound,updates itself automatically,updates other pertinent apps,runs my firewall,investigates other apps,I would and do recommend it to anyone that wants a good antivirus that won't try to stop you from going wherever you want to go on the internet,they will warn you,yes,but unlike Norton and McAfee,they don't forbid you to go there.I love Avast antivirus.I've had them about six or seven years now.

  • Thomas McGreevy - I Carry One Everyday

    I have carried this knife/tool (and it's preceding model) everyday for years. I work in the tv/film industry, and in the fire service, and find it to be the perfect pocket clip knife. It is completely unobtrusive to carry, yet has enough utility to do most any job. The blade and screw drivers are tough, and the edge of my last one has remained fairly sharp for two years. I forgot it in my pocket at the airport yesterday, and TSA claimed a prize...the order for my new one just went in!

  • Janet Paula - Strong enough. Good for rented apartments, Leaves no residue.

    Excellent if you have a rented apartment or have to move a lot. Surprisingly stable. Hold our large mirror and a few heavy picture frames safely so far. Leaves no residue when removed. However, the sticky-ness and strength does reduce, so its better to get the positioning right in the first place instead of repositioning.

  • Octavio Hernandez - Lady Gaga's best album yet.

    Lady Gaga's best album yet! So I'm a huge fan of hers, from Just Dance tilll now. I love each of her albums, but it wasn't until ARTPOP (2013) that truly was the moment I knew I was going to be fan for LIFE. I seriously still do not understand and never will get why ARTPOP got so much hate, it was simply a FUN pop/ electronic album. Anyways, after that gaga decided to reinvent herself and released Cheek To Cheek, which I do not like simply because its not my type of music. It has now been 3 years since Miss Joanne has released a solo pop album! & yes I said pop, Joanne is a POP album at heart, pop music comes in many forms..