Effets Secondaires Du Bactrim - Bactrim Posologie Pediatrique - L’emploi d’un antibiotique non approprié ou dont le dosage n’est pas adéquat peut entraîner des complications. L’association de principes actifs contenue dans Bactrim n’agit pas contre tous les micro-organismes responsables de maladies infect

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  • Robyn Wittleder - Perfect for my hair!

    My hair would be a frizzy mess without this product. I have a thyroid condition and the product has made my hair healthier and stronger too.

  • Anthony DeLuca - Customer service is no good, security is wishy washy.

    They were great about helping me buy and install their product, but now every time I ask for their help I am answered by a bot, and the hold time for help over the phone is always 30 minutes. One of my P.C.'s seemed to have a virus on the computer, getting in the way of my processes and security updates; when I contacted webroot for help with this problem they said they could not find it, and now my computer isn't even showing as registered with their services. Their app will not work with my mobile device, and when I asked for help, they sent me the same steps that prompted me to ask for help. I'd give them a half a star or less if I could, I am extremely disappointed with their service. I can't even say they have kept me protected from viruses and I PAID for this, starting to smell a scam?? We'll see if anyone tries to help resolve my complaints but so far I am being thrown in a loop.

  • Lexi - Lost 25 lbs

    I have been taking this product on an off for about a year and it aided me in losing 25 lbs. I ate moderately well and occasionally exercised. I did not use any other caffeine products and I stayed away from coffee while using this product. I used to take it on an empty stomach as recommended and I definitely felt it kick in. Eventually I tried eating a small breakfast before like a small bowl of cereal, then took it and that helped with the "kick in." Highly recommend for weight loss and a boost of energy. I feel very focused while using this. Also, STAY HYDRATED! Drink a lot of water!

  • Amazon Customer - 2.5 charges at max, two weeks after purchase

    Doesn't seem to hold 4 Iphone charges, and it went down from 3 to 2 charges available, even after a full 10 hours on the charger, within a week.