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  • Enfante - Absolutely Fantastic!

    I am what my friends call a flashlight GEEK! My wife insists im afraid of the dark, but i just like really strong flashlights, like to have the brightest one of the people around me. i just purchased this light for a weekend hunt in the Florida Everglades, a place that is super dark and has no option to charge a battery. this is the best handheld torch i have ever owned. it is lightweight, barely noticeable in the pocket and eats up the darkness. the first night i dropped it in a small shallow canal, it landed with the light facing up and lite up the water like an alien ship. i couldn't leave it there, so i had my friends keep a watch for gators and dove in to get it. it never got a drop of water in it and it was close to 6 feet deep. the 11lm feature is awesome for in the tent as to not destroy your night vision. the med and high settings are great for most tasks, leaving lots of battery power in reserve. this is without a doubt one of the best constructed flashlights i have ever purchased, definitely worth the money. i also own a Fenix TK35 and a TK 75, using both of them for search and rescue here in Fort Lauderdale. you cannot go wrong with Fenix!!!

  • NNamdi - Classic.

    Undoubtedly the best collective work from cole to date. One of the most apparent displays of growth as an artist I've seen in a while. I'm excited to see where he can go from here on. Good work, Cole.

  • G. Wilson - Bought this about a week ago because we found a ...

    Bought this about a week ago because we found a few bedbugs. After using up almost half the gallon on the box spring and mattress, I can assure you this product does not work. I got brand new bites last night and this was after thoroughly dousing the box spring and mattress.

  • RF Oregon - Great glove, true to size

    These things hold up through most I can throw at them. They are durable and provide a reasonable amount of warmth. Wish the gel padding was just a bit thicker, but really it is enough. Definitely pleased with them!

  • Herman M. Hoehn III - Best kitchen helper to come along in long time.

    I finally ordered the Ninja Mega. Have had it about a month. Smoothies are a snapp. As in the TV adds it really can and does turn ice to almost snow. I didn't believe that when I saw the TV commercials but it is absolutely true. What a machine. Now I can actually make the smoothest smoothies and protein drinks. It's dependable and I love the safety features. It beats any blender I've ever owned and puts them to shame. My wife and I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with the Ninja Mega.

  • LilBang - Lost 6 LBS

    I lost the first 6 pounds on the two day fast; drinking Hollywood diet and water as recommended in the instructions. This was a great kick-off to wanting to continue loosing. We are now on a no carb- Hi protein diet. I have recommended Hollywood Diet to friends and family.

  • Be safe - Awesome

    Confirms what everyone fears about the legal justice system but then shows how things can right themselves again. Shows bravery and guts in the face of adversity that each one of us prays we or our loved ones never face. Read it - I'm betting you won't put it down until the last page is turned.