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  • Carly - Actually works!

    I first found this at a holiday marketplace at Bryant park a few years ago. There I ended up buying it for $70 or $120, at this point I can't remember because I also bought another item from them so I paid $190 all together. Of course at this point I'm mad that I paid that much when you can get it on amazon for a fraction of the price but I am glad I got to know this product and now get to order it on amazon all the time. I am sure that it takes your dead skin off and it isn't just the product building up into little balls. There are times I go a little bit overboard with it and do it a couple times at the same time. So I'll use it on my face, wash it off, and repeat. At this point not only is my face squeaky clean but my fingertips feel the absence of their dead skin also(almost feels raw), thats when I know I need to stop. It's a wonderful product and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

  • Moxie - Subjective Surprise!

    Subjectively, I must say for pain registering above 5 on the pain scale, this instrument is not effective. However, the surprise came when I had pain at about 3-to-4 and this little bugger actually did provide relief. I used it on #4 and did two 15 minute sessions back-to-back. I got up, walked around, and was able to do so---pain free! Wow! That's a first. Vicodin doesn't do that for me!

  • Mark Twain - Would love to review this but the picture shown here is ...

    Would love to review this but the picture shown here is NOT the product I received and I received it too late to return.

  • Duane - Excellent value cam that's easy to use

    This is a good value video camera. It is capable of recording in both full HD and HD. The picture quality in both modes is excellent but the full HD mode does consume memory at a signficant rate. It also makes the files large and difficult to share.

  • Kelley Merriman - Smells Weird

    I've been using this product for years, but this is the first time I purchased online. It has a weird sulfur-like smell that is not at all what is should smell like. I'm wondering if it's gone bad or if they put something else in it. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to sulfur so I'm afraid to use it. I won't be purchasing beauty products online anymore.