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  • Delvin Falk - Its all about the GAINS! This is how you get them.

    Test Freak is a good product overall. I took two months worth stacked with GH Freak. My wife was worried I would lose my sex drive while using these products and the sexual booster worked just like it was supposed to. This stuff helped me gain some much needed muscle, 6 pounds throughout the two months. You could see that my body was growing and feel it in all shirts as they were getting tighter. This isn't a miracle product or a steroid but it definitely works. Building muscle is really slow and this stuff can help speed up that process along with incredible muscle recovery. I was blown away after I finished using this stuff how sore I got.

  • William C. - Happy RAV4 buyer.

    Prior to going out shopping for another vehicle we reviewed some Consumers Guide articles on used vehicles, that being our initial intention to buy. There were not any Toyota or Honda vehicle models that were mentioned to avoid and plus those two car manufacturers were mentioned as ones to buy. On the initial shock of sticker price on used vehicles even with high mileage we found that a new car did not cost that much more. We considered the Tacoma, RAV4, Camry, and Corolla. We decided that the Tacoma would not meet our needs then test drove the RAV4 followed by a Camry. My wife liked the drive and roominess in the back seat much more in the RAV4 than the Camry so we felt it pointless to drive the Corolla. We purchased the RAV4 and have had it about three weeks much to our satisfaction. We even drove it to the mountains of NC without experiencing any trouble going up and down the mountains despite it being a four cylinder car. It drove fine in Interstate traffic. Love it so far.

  • Furman O. Ashley - Good but Hard

    My title comes from the fact that this is a good product but hard to use over large areas. I choose this to black out my chrome(ish) front and rear bumpers. It does the job of protecting against chips. The problem comes from the can nozzle. First it is much harder to use than the newer blue tip adjustable nozzles so if you're going to do any large surface, you'll be better served getting one of the snap on trigger adapters to use with this can. The other bad part that may not be such a big deal on a wheel is that the nozzle also only provides a small fan of spray so on an flat surface, your options are to have uneven spray of the paint so that it dries like you layered it in markers or you try to prevent that with overlap and end up with runs in the paint. After my first attempt on the bumpers, I went to a adjustable tip standard black enamel and clear coat from Dupli-Color and obtained a nice smooth brilliant black and with clear coat ended up with a factory look. I do not recommend this product.

  • Cynthia A. White - IT IS NECESSARY TO EARTH!

    Earthing Pads are a staple for me. Sleeping on two every night brings healing of my aches! Years ago I had one for under my desk at work, and a wrist that was so painful I couldn't use it, healed in 10 minutes!

  • Marion Cipolle - Worked for my dishwasher

    Was an easy fix. Exactly as other feedback described. Glad I saw this before I messed with the pump, etc.