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  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - “And then he said yes: an ulterior history of the... - “And then he said yes: an ulterior history of the film Coming Out" 2013. Essay and research published in Newspaper edition. Self published essay in the context of Curating Academy, Dutch Art...
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - Arcuate by Sarah Jones  Concept/text: Sarah Jones ... - Arcuate by Sarah Jones Concept/text: Sarah Jones Sound concept/production: Andrew Garton Performed by: Andrew Garton, Chip Wardale and Brian Helmkamp secession records Design: Pip O'Brien Printing:...
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - MOBILE VOICE TO EARWISH Poem with front page... - MOBILE VOICE TO EARWISH Poem with front page potato-print (RIING RIIINNG), Edition:50 From Far_Away_Publishing, March 2015
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - Interviews Heft 2  by Ayumi Rahn 20 Seiten 29,7... - Interviews Heft 2 by Ayumi Rahn 20 Seiten 29,7 cm x 21 cm Auflage 50, nummeriert
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - Interviews by Ayumi Rahn 20 Seiten 29,7 cm x 21... - Interviews by Ayumi Rahn 20 Seiten 29,7 cm x 21 cm Auflage 50, nummeriert Sticker Edition #1: Mirja Ansonsten unterscheiden sich die Texte, in Bezug auf ihren Inhalt, und vor allem was Stärke, Takt,...
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - Yslands- Derek Di Fabio Published by Alamanac Inn ... - Yslands- Derek Di Fabio Published by Alamanac Inn Intertwining ongoing research around islands with the possibilities and limitations of being ‘in residence’, Derek worked with the local community...
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive - Matrix Journal 2013 Work Selection 2007-2012... - Matrix Journal 2013 Work Selection 2007-2012 Steffen Bunte 10 x 15 cm publication, 224 pages
  • BDP Self-Publishing Archive -  Shit Is Real / b+w / 56 pages / + Poster / by... - Shit Is Real / b+w / 56 pages / + Poster / by Aisha Franz Published by My Own Press

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  • Jim Bos - The Best Alarm System on the Market

    Although I am no alarm expert, I am a retired State Trooper who answered many many alarms. I have never been impressed with ADT, and all the other clone companies. I think they are overrated, and overpriced. When we decided to install an alarm in our new house, I debated for over two years dragging my feet at the prospect of dealing with these companies. then along came Simplisafe. We took a chance and ordered the system. We installed it three days ago, and I am so impressed. The system works exactly as advertised, and is extremely easy to use. You can easily customize it to fit your needs and it operates flawlessly. We have since ordered more sensors, and look forward to adding them. The price is very reasonable for both the system and the monitoring. Lastly, customer service is friendly, helpful, and polite. Stay away from the big companies, and give these guys a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • Kealohalani Morse - Bummed about bugs

    I had high hopes for this purchase. While shipping time and packaging were great, the product itself did not work the way it was advertised. Instructions state to wait at least 2 weeks to really noticed a diminished amount of insect activity. However, there was no decrease, there are still ants roaming freely in my kitchen and small roaches are still lurk in dark corners of the house. I have 4 children and would prefer not to use chemicals to treat for insects, but alas it looks as if this will be the case. I even bought 4 of these things to ensure the whole house was covered, and while this was a good idea in theory, the product did not work.

  • Jay H Dembsky - Stay away from Mac version!

    I run a small business and "upgraded" to Quickbooks 2014 for MAC from Quickbooks Pro 2012 for Windows. What a mistake. I've had various issues so far, including what I thought were basic features of the Windows version that are not available on the MAC version, like attaching customers from a drop down list to purchase orders for future billing purposes. OK, I can find a time consuming work-around.

  • Vaz TV - Bargain software

    I have bought this product for several years now--it's a good software but I still get some viruses. I don't know if there is a antivirus software that's 100% safe---if anyone knows, let me know. I always buy this from Amazon, the auto renewal from the developer is about 3x more expensive.