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  • K. Clifford - SO FAR SO GOOD.....

    ok...so far so good. I have a Chihuahua that had a stroke 2 years ago and has a pronounced limp due to paralysis in her front leg and basic right side weakness. Even when using the liquid flea topicals, she would always bite right in front of her tail and I could tell she was miserable. So I thought I'd try this to give her hopefully relief. She has been able to lay still without constantly trying to reach back and chew at her back or try to scratch which was next to impossible due to her partial paralysis.

  • Artem - Good little mirror

    We have a baby coming very soon so I started buying new items to get ready for the baby. This seat mirror can be attached to either the front or the back seat head rest. The mirror tilts to any direction you desire and stays in that place. This mirror came in a very good looking box, something that I would buy from a retail store. The reflection is very good and can be seen easily. Both myself and my wife like this mirror.

  • Hobbes - Died after a little over 6 months

    had this for a little over half a year and then it died. It was great while it worked but then it just wouldn't turn on today. I should have paid attention to the other reviews on this product warning about the product's short lifespan...

  • Sylvia Posadas - Heart wrenching

    Corky gets the first coathanger award for 2014 for this loathsome frolic into medieval patriarchy. Corky's first movie is due for release soon, the greatly anticipated Inquisition Revival. FOAD Corky.