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  • About | best c-section recovery - My baby Zoe was born by c section, I had hoped for and planned a vaginal birth at home, it wasn't to be. Despite my disappointment the most important thing is
  • C Section – questioning your caregiver | best c-section recovery - During pregnancy you will be having conversations with your caregiver about delivery options which may include elective c-section. I've had friends tell me they
  • Binding in C-Section Recovery | best c-section recovery - In my last post I mentioned binding as an alternative to heavy pain killers after c-section delivery. I first saw binding used during my time in the peace corps
  • Post C Section Pain Control | best c-section recovery - It's quite possible that your doctor won't use the word pain when talking to you about c-section delivery, and in my opinion that is not only dishonest it is a
  • C-Section – Potential Risks | best c-section recovery - Today the number of cesarean sections births around the world is on the rise, in part because a c-section is a very safe procedure. It's a fact that the
  • Reasons for a C-Section | best c-section recovery - There are essentially two varieties of C-section delivery, planned and emergency. Here I will write about reasons why either might take place. First planned or
  • What is a C-Section? | best c-section recovery - What is Cesarean Delivery? A caesarean section, commonly shortened to C-section, is a birth delivery whereby doctors remove the baby from of the womb surgically
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  • maria2664 - It works. Love It!!

    My hair has never looked so healthy and strong. I started using it in March 2016 and my hair went from 12 in. in the back to 16. It even started to regrow hair that I had lost along the front of my hair line. The new hair that comes in is healthier and stronger

  • S. Riggy - Great vacuum but poor customer service...

    We use these in a commercial setting. We purchased 30 of this model. This model vacuum was chosen because of its low cost, great value, and it does a good job cleaning. We purchased thru sharkclean the optional wood floor brush and the extension pole making this a very light canister vacuum and a great option for wood floors. We use the regular set up for carpet. The warranty for us is void upon purchase due to the fact we use these in a commercial setting we knew that going in. In six months we have had 6 vacuums come in for need of repair. The first two were simply clogs in the hose and an easy fix. One was completely destroyed as an employee basically stepped on it and crushed it, the model is 100% plastic. Another vacuum had a bad bearing in the vacuum power head that caused a loud thumping noise, the vacuum is out of service. I can buy a new power head for $60 from sharkclean. The last two came in with broken belts that drive the power head. I would have rated this a five start but when I called the manufacture they would not sell me a replacement belt. They basically left it at too bad for you so sorry but we cant help you. I did find replacement belts on Amazon for $12 each and with a couple of screws was able to change the belts myself in just a matter of a few minutes thus the three star rating instead of one star. I was shocked that Shark would not sell me replacement belts and I was forced to find them myself with no help from the manufacturer...

  • Shauna - Don't like the smell

    We don't like the smell. We stopped using it and the scent is lingering. I think we'll have to wash the car seats.

  • Chad Seitz - UAG Phone Cases are simply awesome.

    I love UAG cases. I've had one for my last two Android phones (Galaxy III and Galaxy Note 4) and now for my IPhone 6s Plus. The cases are about as durable as anything that I've ever seen, and they are extremely comfortable in my hands. What's more, I never ever concern myself with the safety of my phone in day-to-day life - I drop them frequently, and think nothing of it as they tumble from my hand or from my pocket. I've never ever damaged a phone while it was in a UAG case. Granted, I'm sure it is possible to do so - but in normal everyday use, these cases protect my expensive phones with spectacular efficiency and good style.

  • Tammy K - Quality hardback book!

    Extremely pleased with this purchase for my 8 year old son. Good quality hardback book. The pages have great high-quality photos and easy to read print. My son absolutely loves this book. The neighborhood kids have the best time looking at it together.

  • Pretzel - WAS a good product

    Kaspersky Internet Security has been a staple on my computers for nearly a decade now. I'm sad to see it go so downhill. Starting with Pure and now with KIS 2013, are programs filled with bugs. Pure wouldn't uninstall from any computer without having a special removal tool from Kaspersky that had to be run in Safe Mode. Now, I had KIS 2012 and it suddenly started loading really slow and the anti-banner stopped working all together. When contacting Kaspersky, I was told to update to the 2013 version. After 3 unsuccessful attempts at installing it, I had to do a clean install. Now 2013 is wreaking havoc on my computer. It loads even slower than 2012, usually takes 2 minutes to get the computer to full desktop where it used to take 30 seconds. And now it randomly just resets all its settings, aka reactivates anti-spam and deactivates anti-banner, etc. Top it off, every boot up for a week now after it finally loads it pops up an error box saying it couldn't open properly and wants to send a bug report that takes another 10 minutes to complete. Who knows what info is being sent to Kaspersky each time. Seems shady. In all, stick with Norton or AVG. I've personally never had a single problem with either of them.