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The Best Manuka | Manuka honey reviews, articles, and information. - Unbiased info on the best manuka honey brands, articles about the health benefits of manuka honey, including treatment of MRSA, psoriasis, pets, and more.

  • The Best Manuka Honey Brands | An Unbiased Report - Watch our for fake Manuka honey! Here is our unbiased report on the best Manuka honey brands and what things to look out for when buying Manuka honey.
  • What Is Manuka Honey? - What is Manuka honey? Hailed for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, & wound healing properties it is used in hospitals to combat MRSA staph infections.
  • Where to Buy Manuka Honey - Find out where to buy Manuka honey to make sure you're getting the highest quality Manuka honey for the best price possible.
  • 10 Manuka Honey Benefits - Manuka honey has so many health benefits that it's kind of mind-blowing. It really is a natural wonder and lives and limbs have been saved in hospitals thanks to its ability to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. In this article I'll look at some of the benefits of Manuka.
  • Manuka Honey for MRSA Staph Infections - Everyone is using Manuka honey for MRSA staph infections & for good reason - it is highly effective & used in hospitals to treat resistant staph infections.

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  • Michelle A Klug - I REALLY wanted to love the Casper

    I REALLY wanted to love the Casper. The idea is genius, the presentation is minimalist and great, and mattress is good quality. But I just don't find it very comfortable. It's firm, man. I mean real firm, if you like a medium soft to really soft mattress, this isn't for you. I'm not opposed to firm , but this is so firm that is doesn't support my back very well. I'm a back sleeper, and when a lay down flat, by butt and mid back touch the mattress, but my lower back does not, it's completely unsupported and is left feeling strained. I called customer service shortly before my 90-day trial was up, and told them this, and they told me my back "just wasn't used to the mattress." I believed it, and here I am beyond my trial stuck with a mattress I can't sleep on. My husband is on one couch, I'm on another. If I could do it over, I would probably try to buy a Casper-esque mattress that you can try out before you buy.

  • babyjo - Good knock-around set for the beginner that wants a fairly ...

    Good knock-around set for the beginner that wants a fairly good set to start his game with. You get all the clubs you need to begin with. Good price, good service.

  • Robert Domian - Good value

    Good overall quality. Real easy to install . I was a little concerned after I read some reviews but it didn't take me 10 minutes.