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    City: -118.278 California, United States

  • R. Ito - 3 stars.

    Hmmm...well I don't know. I have had one since Nov of last year. I don't print much. But this morning I tried to print 3 bank statements and it crapped out. So maybe I got a bum one. I don't know. But I can get a brand new laser printer for about $100. So maybe I do that instead.

  • Angry Mofo - A work to admire, quite aside from the concept.

    It's difficult to say something new about The Wall. Its reputation as a Rock Classic is cast in stone; but, by the same token, it has also accumulated a set of standard objections from detractors. Personally, I love the album, but some of the "contra" arguments are convincing as well. Rather than bore you with another testimonial to The Wall's greatness, I thought I'd discuss some of the main counterpoints.

  • J. Lee - Can't compare to the other ones but...

    Just got back from Italy. It's practical, candid and humorous with self tour guides for all the major places and attractions. Some of the restaurants that he recommended were SUPERB, one of the best I have been in Italy and most memorable. I truly believe that it will be a waste a money if you decide to buy this over others. It's def. informative enough to give it a try. This is my first guide book so I am not able to give comparisons of other books out there but I felt it was def. worth the money.

  • Jerry in CBad - Great sound in lightweight comfort

    Very light weight but great sound with rich bass. Kit came with 3x Eartips, wire tie, carry case, Dual Port Car Charger and both a long and a short charging cord. I got them on sale but they compare to sets 2-3 times the price. Oh, and they'll comfortable.

  • Patrick M. Lyon - The best iPhone ever

    The iPhone 7 (Plus) is by far the best iPhone ever created, possibly the best phone ever created. However, because it is similar to previous iPhones, I will try to focus on whats new and whats so great about it. First the processor, its amazing, but so is the processor in just about every phone now a days. But considering this phone is more powerful then any MacBook or MacBook Air, or Even iPad ever created, its pretty remarkable.

  • Yakov Tokar - Weak signal

    I placed the repeater about 20 feet away from the main router, and got only one bar when connected my cell to it - less then the main router.