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  • The best food for building collagen – nature’s anti-aging miracle – it’s literally what holds our body together. | Natural Bioidentical Hormones - According to rebel pharmacist, Ben Fuchs, the best food for building collagen is gelatin.   Simply put a tablespoon in a small bowl, add boiling water, whisk until dissolved, add a bit of cold water and stevia (or other natural sweetener) and drink it down!  The other option is to make a naturally gelatin rich bone…
  • What are Bioidentical Hormones ? | Natural Bioidentical Hormones - Photo evidence for qualifications & experience - here   Amazon 5 star book reviews - here     Reverse Aging: Video - WellWorthWatching.wmv  Thank you! To the millions of women who continue to enjoy the benefits of our uniquely safe, bioidentical hormones.  This blog is our way of giving back and providing simple, valuable facts from our 35…

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  • Walt R. - Give it Time - It Will Grow on You

    It took a while before getting into this version of Hercules. The green screen effects cheapen the picture, initially annoying us. But as the story developed, we began to appreciate that this was meant to be a more humanistic portrayal of the Hercules legend, leaving out direct actions by the gods. It climaxed most gratifyingly at the end, where the film gave an alternative to the legend of how, why and by whom Hercules and his family were made to suffer. All in all, the movie held our interest and we were satisfied.

  • ladeetyree - Love Bitdefender

    After using AVG for years and starting to find areas of weakness, I research security programs and found Bitdefender highly rated. It did slow down loading some but the slight delay is well worth the level of security. Once my OS is loaded, I find no reduction in speed using apps or internet. Great produced for the money. The fact that I was able to install it on my 3 computers was a BIG PLUS!

  • kendra finney - Oouuuu

    Oh my goodness Chrissy j y would u ever end that book like that I just knew it wasn't gonna be no drama I need parts on part2 ASAP I love this book