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  • Luke Storey - Sceptical at first but pleasantly surprised

    I was very sceptical when buying and trying this for the first time, and perhaps even more surprised when I tried it for the second time and it worked again, confirming that it was having an effect. This product is less of what of what I would call a 'hangover' cure, but more of a feeling drunk cure. After taking it, there is a remarkable effect of feeling less drunk, with better mental clarity and motor function. It obviously cannot help the churning stomach, and the first time I took it, I struggled to keep it down, however it is absolutely worth persevering, as the next morning the only sign that I had been drinking the night before was an upset stomach.

  • KansasGuardsman - Best thing I've bought in years

    It takes about three weeks to rebuild a usable but weak battery back to excellent performance. My 5 yr old motorcycle battery performs like new. Now using it on my '04 SSR with a 4 year old battery. It was getting a little weak when cold weather set in, so I started hooking it up and letting it charge every weekend. After about 6 weekends, the battery quit dropping down in cold weather and spins the sterter like a new one.

  • MBA Student - fits alpine 12" type E's

    So i bought this to install 2 12" alpine type E subs under the seat of my 07 ram. I was nervous at first because all the reviews said that subs didn't fit and they needed spacers...well not the case for the type e's. thy do fit snug, kinda have to make sure the wires are pushes to the side so it does fit, but that was effortless. I will mention that that the quality is quite good for a $100 box. I doubt id be ale to make a box that fits this well, looks this nice, and for the same price..not to mention the amount of time it'll take to measure and the chance of scuffing the doors trying to fit everything. Also, when the seats are folded down, the bottom of the seat is barely touching the sub. Not really an issue with the box, since those under-seat compartments dont give you much to work with i the first place..but if you primarily have the seats folded up then you should have good air flow and wont damage ur subs.

  • outlawstar100 - Not good for most uses

    When it came the package clearly stated it can't be used on brake systems. I ended up ordering a Heliocoil kit to make the thread repair. The Heliocoil kit worked great.

  • Capcityadam - Updated (9/10/2015) Tall parents need room in the front seat!

    I'll preface this early review with the fact that I haven't actually installed the seat yet, but will update after I put it into use later this week. As for the reason for purchase of the Maxi Cosi Pria 70, aside from wanting a well reviewed, high quality convertible car seat, I also needed one that specifically fit rear-facing in an 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm tall (6'5") and my wife is tall (5'9") so to comfortably ride in the front seat, the seats need to be pushed back significantly. I ran into an issue with this for our infant car seat and we ended up getting a Chicco Keyfit that worked perfectly in the middle seat (Jeep and Chicco allow you to latch on to the inside hooks on the outside seats. Knowing the convertible seat was going to be a huge issue while rear facing, I did a ton of research and found a site that ranked the top car seats by "space grade". The Maxi Cosi Pria, Chicco Next Fit, Britax Mathon and Boulevard and Graco Size4Me, were some of the top performers. The Maxi Cosi was the clubhouse leader though with 2.5 inches more room than the Britax Boulevard. Couple that with a great sale price on Amazon with the always reliable Prime shipping and returns and we had a winner.

  • Eric - Awesome customer service

    Works decently enough. Sound quality is decent, the voice is annoying. My biggest complaint is mine had the USB charging port break my second time using it. So you get what you pay for, it's cheap and it is cheaply made.

  • Sankara P. - Hooray for the poonami! Baby was backed up for a week and then pooped 3x in 24 hours! :-)

    Hallelujah! Our little guy was pretty regular (pooped 1x/day every day some time between 10 am and noon) and then we started supplementing with formula. Poor little guy was backed up for literally a week. He was 5.5 months at the time so we gave him two half doses and he pooped 3 times in 24 hours. Yay for the poonami! :-) We haven't had to use it again since, but if he gets backed up again, I know where to turn. Thanks, Mommy's Bliss!!!!