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  • 2011 OCB Bay States in Amherst Mass - BodyByWarren: Personal Training and Diet Plans - All Our Girls made the top 5 again!!! Special congrats goes to Team BBW Girl Jessica Pfister Bonifate on winning both the Novice and Open classes with Team Mate Vittoria Amodio a Close 2nd in both classes!
  • 2011 NPC Mid Atlantic Success - BodyByWarren: Personal Training and Diet Plans - Team BBW does it again this time at the 2011 NPC Mid Atlantic - All our girls once again made the top 5 with Two Of Our Girls Winning the Short and Tall Bikini Classes!! Kim Hancock won the Short and Crystal Rice won the Tall with Kim eventually going...
  • 2010 OCB Hudson River Classic Success - BodyByWarren: Personal Training and Diet Plans - Team BBW does it again this time at the 2010 OCB Hudson River Classic!! All of our Figure girls placed in the Top 5 as well as our three Bikini Competitors sweeping all 3 places!!!! Our Mens Bodybuilder Billy Dawson also won his class, as well as winning the Overall!

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  • Amazon Customer - It looked like a great phone for an incredible price

    If I could give this phone 0 stars I would. It looked like a great phone for an incredible price, but alas, it was too good to be true. The storage sucks, it's slow, camera sucks, I'm always getting kicked out of apps. This phone is useless with a capital U. Will not recommend to anyone.

  • B. Fairshter - Very happy customer.

    When looking for a new set of cookware I trialed pieces of several different sets, did a lot of research and was very patient in my shopping. I wanted quality, durability, easy cleaning, and comfort.

  • T. Welborn - Don't have to pay a ton for a good wrinkle cream with SPF

    Some of the best stuff on the market for keeping the wrinkles down to a minimum. The SPF makes it the perfect daily use skin care product. I'm 50 years old and people think I'm in my early 30's. I firmly believe it is because of this product and lots of water. I highly recommend it.

  • Max Snook - Important enough to be ignored

    This book makes more than a convincing case of the decline of white America, and of America in general. It is intriguing and quite disturbing. From my perspective I do not see recovery as the general population has the disease. It would be quite easy to be distracted by the symptoms and ignore the foundational problem. This is not the first book that gives America this warning and so far they have all been ignored. Lapin and Postman have both pointed out the symptoms but were ignored as well. I guess the books did not have enough pictures to get a fair read. The graphs are too boring I suppose. Murray does not really explore which issue was the cause. No matter. The book was well written and made its point very well. It will be sad to see America go.

  • Jeffrey A. Kukral - Want to give it a 5

    I am conflicted but I want to give it 5 stars. What I really like is the ability to use the APP and plug it into my iPhone. However, the actual reader is very touchy. What I mean by that is, it has already come apart. Nothing broken, but the battery case pops off a lot and the top cover as well. I have learned to be careful with it and I even bought an Amazon Basic Case to go with it but with such a simple, no moving parts, product I should not have to wear "white gloves" to handle it. I do recommend it and would buy it again, but I just wish they would make it stronger or use a different glue.