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  • Mickey D. Hadick - A minor, multi-colored miracle

    I read about sugru on lifehacker, and what I noticed was its use in repairing a dishwasher rack (how's about that for first-world problems?!). The cost of replacing the rack is a ridiculous $160 (thanks for that, Kenmore) so I tried this. Sugru works great, and is kind of fun.

  • Hinesy82 - Works great, used for short period of time

    This worked great. With that being said I don't recommend it. Even with regular daily use its not recommended to use during running so the avid runner should be aware of this. I have used it running and was cautious about my infants head but I didn't do it nearly as often as I would have wanted. I only actually used this for a few months and now I don't have any snack tray for either child. Recommend skipping this!

  • Douglas E. Graves - Keepin' it simple and basic

    I had what turned out to be toe fungus on my left big toe. I had lost the nail three or four times over a period of a few years. Each new nail would eventually "blister" at the base then crack and spit and loosen to the point of falling off. I finally did some web research and found some "hi-end" fancy named fungus treatments, all quite expensive. What I noticed is that they kept touting that they had "tree tea oil" in them. So I mused, this seems to be the magic curing ingredient these fancy treatments were depending on. I wondered if this tree tea oil was available on it own. Seems to me that this "tree tea oil" is the stuff I really need. Sure enough, it was available, and for a fraction of the price of the fancy names that "included" it. I ordered bottle and treated my toe diligently EVERY morning with the oil, applying it with a Q-tip for about two months, and it is now completely cured with a strong clear normal new nail. And I only used about 1/6 of the bottle to boot! My thoughts are, just use this inexpensive oil, with the key being; treating it consistently on a daily basis until one's nail grows back in normally and healthy again. :)

  • jomama4545 - bike seem to be good but it came with 2 missing parts and a ...

    bike seem to be good but it came with 2 missing parts and a bent bolt. I am now waiting for the replacement parts

  • Erich Ball - A Fun Holiday Read

    This was a good light read and I will happily buy subsequent books in the series. It's a sword and sorcery fantasy with a couple of twists. The protagonist is a young woman and there is magic in tattoos. That last one is quite topical I suppose.