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  • Introduction to Intermittent Fasting - A quick guide to the best posts for explaining my approach to Intermittent Fasting
  • Meet Brad - Hi, My name is Brad, I’m the author of Eat Stop Eat. Eat Stop Eat is the result of the Graduate Research I did at the University of Guelph, in Guelph Ontario, Canada…But I’m getting a little bit ahead of […]
  • About this Blog - The information presented on is based on my personal experiences and interpretation of available research. It is not medical advice and I am not a medical doctor. If you have any health issues or concerns please consult with your […]
  • Weight training fixes for men and women - These are some personal observations on Weight Training, and some quick suggestions on how to improve your results. Firstly, any weight loss program worth ANYTHING involves weight training. If you are not weight training in some way, you are selling […]
  • Hypertrophy vs Strength - Hypertrophy requires consistent challenge to a muscle group. You could argue it takes constant unaccustomed challenge. Hypertrophy can be seen as a sort of immune response to an unfamiliar challenge. It’s how your body reacts to an attack, in this […]
  • Sometimes it’s art - Before anything else I was an artist. I loved to draw and paint and create. Still do. When I was young I drew Birds. When I got a little older I drew Ninja Turtles and Transformers. I eventually progressed to […]
  • How to be good enough - I am not a perfectionist, and I don’t think you have to be one in order to be ‘healthy’. Sure, to get ridiculously low levels of body fat and extreme levels of muscularity, you have to be very dedicated, but […]
  • 5 foods you must eat to lose weight - Here’s my take on the whole ‘5 foods to lose weight’ thing List the 5 foods you know you have to eat for weight loss. They can be any combination of the daily things you eat that either A) support […]
  • Never Skip Leg Day - Friends don’t let friends skip leg day, or so the saying goes… Small legs, chicken legs, the triumphant retort of any one to any body with a good bench or built upper body… But is it justified? Legs are important […]
  • Does Fasting make you fat? - If I remember correctly, the FTC views the use of animal research in supplement advertising to be one of the most heinous advertising infractions, right up there with Photoshopped before and after photos. Why? Because they believed that due to […]
  • Another weird diet trick - Here’s another easy trick for successful long term weight loss. …save room for dessert. It’s a simple strategy, but it works. I don’t really count carbs or fats. I count protein and calories, and even then, most of it is […]
  • One weird trick for weight loss - I know, I know it sounds like one of those weird weight loss ads, but this is actually a weird trick for you to try. I call it the The calendar method (Truthfully, I think I got this from one […]
  • My Weekly Routine - In any given week I do something called carb-cycling. Throughout the week I will cycle from days where I eat a normal amount of carbs to times  where I eat zero carbs, and in between I have times where I […]

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  • Ariana - Love These Shoes. 90s Throwback?

    Cute walking shoes that are easy to slip on and work great for when I weight lift at the gym. Unfortunately, I have to return them the first time because they are a half a size too small. Definately recommend ordering half a size larger. I usually wear Nikes in a 8.5 and ended up getting a 9 in these.

  • C. Crossland - Concept works, not a lifestyle

    I completely agree with the concept of watching carbs and sugars. This is the basis of many diets, including The South Beach Diet. My issue with this is calling it a lifestyle. In the FAQs the author says that unlike South Beach and Atkins there is no initial phase, it is a lifestyle. I don't see this being a reality for most people. On the South Beach diet you don't eat sugar or carbs for two weeks. You know it will be tough, but it will end after two weeks. On Belly Fat Cure every day is unrealistic. My husband had a bowl of cereal (Origianl Special K - 4 grams of sugar per serving) and a banana and already had exceeded his sugar limit for the day! This is not a lifestyle! We suffered through two tough weeks on the South Beach Diet to curb sugar cravings. It worked. If we knew we were only doing this for a few weeks it might be acceptable. To think cereal and a banana was too much for life, not so easy to deal with. Also, as others said I could not find many of the items in the recipes in my local stores. I will continue to watch sugar and carbs, but disappointed overall.

  • Amazon Customer - This one works great and I didn't have to break the bank

    I recently purchased a replacement power cord for my computer from the Apple store for $90 that my dog promptly destroyed. This one works great and I didn't have to break the bank!

  • Dan the Man - It's HUGE!!!

    I purchased this product because I have large family gatherings at our lake house and wanted the ability to have everyone relax in the water and visit. This thing easily allows everyone to fit with room to spare. The materials and quality the Fiesta Island is made with are fantastic! The mesh bottom is very sturdy and will resist rips and tears. Something that I didn't expect is that the package also included a large vinyl sand bag anchor and rope to secure the raft. Make sure you have plenty of hands around to help you move this monster in and out of the water. It's HUGE and you will definitely love it once you and your friends/family get inside. Definitely makes a statement in the water! I would recommend this to anyone as it is very well made.

  • Ben Young - Hours of entertainment.

    Straight out of the box it was a home run. Don't be persuaded by the reviews of bad calibration. I tried and was successful setting it up on a 32', 42', and 56' TV. Don't use the scope and wait for the cursor during calibration, you'll be fine.

  • Amazon Customer - Works very nicely. I wasn't sure about the notion of a ...

    Works very nicely. I wasn't sure about the notion of a 2-piece case, but this one fits together nicely and has a pleasant feel to it. Looks good, too.

  • overseas - Flawless and Happy

    I've been on Neocell Super Collagen for 3 years now and people comment on my skin everywhere I go. I had terribly dry and itchy skin with reddish sore patches all over my arms, chest and thighs. Had been and used all sorts of topical steroids prescribed by dermatologist but non offered long and permanent relief.