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  • Steve Fabes - Not for Mac version of Quicken2015

    Spoiler Alert - this book is only for Quicken2015 Windows users - I have a Mac and the Quicken version for Mac looks nothing like the features that Mr. Nelson describes in his book. Example, Mac version has no Find/Replace feature described in Nelson's book.

  • Chuck - Great product

    Bought this to aid in recharging Purigen packs and it worked wonderfully. All chlorine was removed by the Prime after the bags had soaked in bleach overnight. Contrastingly, I had some seashells that I soaked in a weak bleach solution to clean them and then soaked in tapwater for over a week and they still smell of chlorine. Added about two teaspoons of Prime to the water (about a liter) and overnight all traces of bleach are gone. Great product.

  • AWSP253 - Fun game with decent graphics

    Saw a friend playing this on a iPad. Super fun and I was overjoyed to see it on the kindle. Operates like a facebook game with energy.

  • Soupy Soup - Looking forward to using this

    I ordered this binder to help me organize my resumes and cover letters when I ramp up my job search in January. My understanding is that soon there will be SO MANY jobs that EVEN A WOMAN will be able to find one! Of course, any job I take will have to have flex-time because I'll need to leave at 5:00 to get home to mop, and bake, and help the Beav with his math homework. I don't expect equal pay, though, so everything should work out peachy-keen -- no need to get my pearls in a twist.

  • Daniel buck - Watch with no face

    What a rip off. Thing sucks to begin with and of course right after its ineligible for a return it simply doesn't charge or turn on. Don't make the same mistake I did and waste money on this junk.

  • Andrae - Amazing Product

    This product is the best product for twist outs. It makes my dry and thirsty hair shine and come alive!! I love it!!