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  • Matt J. - Quickbooks is like a terrible girlfriend...

    You want to like the program, you really do. It says its going to do all these wonderful things for your business, make accounting easy for you, handle your payroll and tax prep, all in nice, cool looking graphical interface.

  • Wise Shopper - Really works, but...

    This is undoubtedly a superior product and will settle my leaky gut syndrome quickly. I didn’t know what I had until I read all the symptoms associated with LGS. I know it has continued my eczema whilst I applied all sorts of remedies to rid myself of this awful spreading itch. Many ointments etc. worked, but nothing got rid of it totally, but now only after a few days I already seen major improvement. So let me make it perfectly clear the product is great and I highly recommend it. HOWEVER, it is pricey and when the container arrived it’s small size was a letdown. BUT upon opening this container I really felt irritated – it was only a little over half full! It also contained a scooper, which took even more room. This packaging is disappointing and I don’t think they considered the customer experience at all. If they would package in one of those Mylar re-sealable bags, which are bigger on the bottom and then narrow up, it would look like you are getting something and not seem so stingily filled. As I say the product is worth it, but the overall impact of it’s presentation is horrid.

  • Amazon Customer - Very disappointed

    I'm very disappointed in this product. I thought it would work but I saw no results. I wish they had a money back guarantee but its fine. I'm taking a loss on money.