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City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • dremin - love it!

    i love the professor teaches series. it is so user friendly. i was excited to see the professor teaches offie 2010 & windows 7 being offered on amazon vine.

  • Roy Ehmke - Roxio Creator 2011

    I tried several copiers over the years, but this one did not strike my fancy. I thought Roxio had put too many bells and whistles into this thing. Aside from that, after loading it into my system, (Windows XP Pro, 32 bit) it was jockeying for superior position with the copier in XP. To make matters worse, my computer started strange things like not wanting to shut down, and a few other things. I'm generally not impressed, sorry Roxio.

  • Jennifer Vazquez - All CLEP test books the same

    I was looking for multiple practice tests to take for one of the subjects, and there was only one test for my subject in this book.

  • Francis Murray - I Like this product.

    Lassers Income Tax Guide is a helpful book about Tax rules, changes in the tax rules, sample forms, and a summary of changes that have occurred . It is good for a person who likes to sit and read instead of sitting in front of a computer and scrolling up and down pages. One can highlight sections and information which is of interest to his own tax situation. You can also find topics that you never knew applied to yourself. Computers are nice, but print can never be replaced. Lasser fills that need and is a really good reference book.