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  • Charlotte Dombrowski - Christmas Gift

    This product was a Christmas gift to my 13 yr old daughter who specifically requested this item. She absolutely loves it! Two of her friends have this straightener and told her it was the best of the best.

  • SunnyBeachLife - NOT FOR DRY SKIN!!

    As I've stated on other websites, this product is NOT for dry skin!! I plunked down $250 to try it all and try it all I did. I gave it months of trials trying to get my skin to look wonderful like the infomercials..I would even have settled for my skin looking a tad better than it did. No dice. It caked, it stuck to my dry patches, it streaked, it did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes, it made my face look floury like a clown and I hated all of it and it all sits wasted in my closet. There is NO miracle makeup, different makeup works differently for different types of skin and I can't see how this dry powdery substance with no moisturizing qualities would even remotely look good on dry skin.

  • sonrod - Must have patience!

    Works to fade dark spots, but takes a while. If you are patient enough, then invest in getting this because it does not cause acne and can be placed underneath makeup without being cakey.

  • Robert L Bunge - It Works

    I have arthritis in my knees and after 2 weeks I felt a marked difference in the movement and less pain than before I started. Stick with it it may help and give some much needed relief.

  • Vernon C Ray - Intrusive

    Unfortunately Anti-Virus and Firewall Software are necessary evils, but the Norton products always seem to take over my machine and allow me to operate it at the convenience of Norton. I am a computer professional, but after a month I am still trying to enable my UPS Software, Acronis Backup Software and a half a dozen items that were disabled by Norton. I purchased and installed the Norton product to remove a specifically problematic bot but it did not succeed in identifying the source of the problem and their live technical support could not resolve the problem either. I finally had to resort to a pay for service support to identify and remove the viruses from my system. I still have Norton 360 installed, but will find another alternative when it comes time to renew the service.

  • Legionaire - My favorite hair gel

    This is one of the few putty's that I like because it has good hold, it's affordable, and it doesn't seem to dry out or damage my hair. Well, there's a sentence I thought I'd never write. Regardless, good hair product. It's the only one I use.

  • Jana Snodgrass - Living Cookbook 2013

    I love this program. I love the ease of adding recipes. Wish I had bought it earlier. Would definitely recommend it!